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NFL Draft 2014: New Orleans Saints Positions of Need

We're going to rank the New Orleans Saints' top five positions of need as the team heads into the 2014 NFL Draft, then use that as a jumping off point to create a community Big Board of draft prospects.

The 2014 NFL Draft is now less than a month away. And with the major portion of free agency over, we've got a much better picture of what needs remain for the Saints as they enter the selection process.

For the first time in our blog history here at Canal Street Chronicles, we're going to create a community Big Board for the Saints, ranking all of the top available 2014 draft prospects.

The way it works is I'll post 25 players. We'll vote and come up with spots 1 through 5. Those would be the top five players we would like to see the Saints draft, in a vacuum, regardless of the situation. After that, we'll remove those five names and add five more, then vote for spots 6 through 10. We'll do this until we've got the top 30 or 40 players ranked. Maybe more if time permits.

But before we start ranking players, I thought it would be wise to rank positions of need first. We can then sort through those results and use that to provide some direction and figure out which players we'll include in the early voting.

So right now, pick your top five positions of need heading into the draft. I'm going to leave this poll open for 48 hours. Once we get through that, we'll move on to the players.

Positions will receive 5 points for every first place vote, 4 for every second place vote, and so on. They will receive 0 points if they are unranked. Total points from all ballots will be added, and the 5 positions with the most points will be our top five positions of need.

Please vote only once.

We are using a voting system created by Chris Pokorny from Dawgs By Nature to do all of this, so major props go to him for putting this awesome tool together.