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2014 NFL Draft Grades for the Saints

We've crowdsourced all of Who Dat Nation and used their answers to assign grades for each member of the Saints 2014 NFL Draft class.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The draft doesn't officially count until we prematurely hand out grades for each of the Saints picks immediately following. But instead of me giving out arbitrary, baseless grades that I pull from my butt, I am going to crowdsource this entire process and leave the grading up to you guys. Because if there's anything better than the opinion of one clueless fan, it's the opinion of 1,000 clueless fans.

So what do you guys need to do? Absolutely nothing, you've already done it! I'm taking the results from each of our draft pick approval polls this weekend and assigning letter grades to them using a simple scoring system. Each draft picks score is computed by doubling the percentage of "Yes" votes and adding in the percentage of "I don't know" votes. That score equals a certain letter grade using the matrix below. "No" votes are being ignored.

180-200 = A+

160-180 = A

140-160 = B+

120-140 = B

100-120 = C+

80-100 = C

60-80 = D+

40-60 = D

0-40 = F

So let's see how you graded the 2014 Saints draft class! If you don't agree with these grades, you've got nobody to blame but yourself.


Brandin Cooks

20th overall - First Round

Total score = 171

Grade: A


Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska

58th overall - Second Round

Total score = 183

Grade: A+


Khairi Fortt

126th overall - Fourth Round

Total score = 114

Grade: C+


Vinnie Sunseri

167th overall - Fifth Round

Total score = 117

Grade: C+


Ronald Powell

169th overall - Fifth Round

Total score = 135

Grade: B


Tavon Rooks

202nd overall - Sixth Round

Approval Poll

Grade: C+

Total score = 100



The Saints started off strong in the first two rounds, highlighted by the Stanley Jean-Baptiste pick. But all of their remaining picks in rounds four, five, and six are questionable. Linebacker Ronald Powell's selection may be the only exception to that statement.

The total score for the 2014 Saints draft class averages out to 136.6, which using our system would equal an overall grade of "B." That sounds fair, but only time will tell.