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Saints Undrafted Free Agent Signings 2014

Below is an updated list of the Saints' 17 confirmed undrafted free agent signings plus rookie tryout invitees. In addition to the six Saints 2014 NFL Draft picks, these players will be participating in the team's rookie minicamp this upcoming weekend from May 16-18.


Confirmed Undrafted Free Agents

Logan Kilgore, QB, Middle Tennessee (source)

Ty Zimmerman, S, Kansas State (source)

Je'Ron Hamm, WR,  Louisiana-Monroe (source)

George Uko, DL, USC

Timothy Flanders, RB, Sam Houston State   (source)

Kasim Edebali, DE, Boston College (source)

Nic Jacobs, TE, McNeese St. (source)

Pierre Warren, S, Jacksonville St. (source)

Spencer Hadley, OLB, BYU (source)

Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers (source)

Chidera Uzo-Diribe, DE, Colorado (source)

Lawrence Virgil, DE, Valdosta State (source)

Sergio Castillo, K, West Texas A&M (source)

Seantavius Jones, WR, Valdosta State (source)

Matt Armstrong, C, Grand Valley State (source)

Brandon McCray, DL, Louisiana-Lafayette

Micajah Reynolds, DT, Michigan State (source)

Rookie Tryout

Trashaun Nixon, LB, New Mexico State (source)

Shawn Jackson, LB, Tulsa (source)

Cqulin Hubert, LB, SLU (source)

John Hubert, RB, Kansas St (source)

Ryan McGrath, OT, Ohio University (source)

Luke Wollet, S, Kent State (source)

Shaq Bell, DB, Colorado State (source)

Ryan Boykin, RB, Ohio University (source)

Jerome Cunningham, TE, South Connecticut (source)

Brian Dixon, CB, Northwest Missouri State (source)

Spencer Harris, WR, Illinois (source)

Steve Hull, WR, Illinois (source)

Derrick Strozier, CB, Tulane (source)