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NFL Draft 2014 Saints Recap Podcast

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Dave starts of the show rubbing his prediction of the Saints trading up in Kevin and Ralph's faces. Andrew gives Mickey Loomis props for only giving up a 3rd round pick to move up and grab Brandin Cooks. Ralph wonders why the Saints drafted 3 guys, none of which has two healthy knees, on Saturday. Dave mocks Kevin all show, it's awesome.

Since Drew Brees lost more than 100 receptions when Darren Sproles and Lance Moore were released, how many of those will go to Brandin Cooks?

The boys discuss the undrafted free agents, including Brandon Coleman of Rutgers. 

Kevin wants to give his two cents on Michael Sam. Ralph wonders why a Dolphin gets suspended for tweeting "OMG" about two guys kissing but Ray Rice can knock his fiance out cold and Jim Irsay can do more drugs than a CVS yet NFL does nothing.

Listen closely for Ralph's wife melting down over cat piss.

Plus you Twitter questions like, "By how many pints do you think Rob Ryan can out drink the tag team of Sean Payton & Mickey Loomis?"

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language