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New Orleans Saints 2014 Roster Projections: Mailbag Answers

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.


There are usually a couple of UDFA's who stand out and eventually make the Saints roster each year. Who, out of this years crop of UDFA's do you feel have the best chance to make the team, and why? - Tim P.

Brandon Coleman is certainly on that list. Anytime you pick up a guy that was projected by most to be drafted in the third round, you've got to raise an eyebrow. Especially if he's got the physical gifts that Coleman possesses naturally. Considering the history the Saints have finding undrafted talent at the running back position specifically, I think Tim Flanders is also someone to keep an eye on. He put up some crazy numbers during his time at Sam Houston State.


Now that the 2014 draft is over, what do you foresee that the chances are of some team giving two first round picks in 2015-16 drafts for Jimmy? - Tac H.

Zero. If it were mathematically possible for the chances to be less than zero, than that would be my answer. Can we all please forget about the possibility of Jimmy Graham being traded? It's just not happening.


Drew Brees had some questionable throws last season. Can we expect better decision making this season? - Shawn S.

The guy throws for 5,162 yards (2nd most), 39 touchdowns (2nd most), 68.6% completion percentage (2nd best), and 104.7 QB rating (6th best) last season and we're questioning him because he made a few bad passes? It's official: Who Dat Nation has officially become spoiled. You should try worrying a little less about Brees and a little more about the offensive line.


If Joe Morgan doesn't get injured, why wouldn't he be almost guaranteed a roster spot? - Drew D.

Because he might not be the same player after his knee injury from last year, the second knee injury of his career. Because Nick Toon could finally live up to the hype. Because Brandon Coleman could surprise us all. Because any other receiver might play better and push Morgan out. There are quite a few possibilities, really.

At this point, Morgan will be jockeying for the fourth WR spot behind Colston, Stills, and Cooks. That doesn't leave a lot of room for error. Morgan seems to be the beneficiary of selective memory, having been placed on a pedestal by Saints fans, when the reality is that he has only 10 catches in his three year NFL career. Ten! I think the better question here is: why do Saints fans think Joe Morgan is guaranteed a roster spot?


Do you see the Saints signing J. Goodwin, or any other interior linemen? - Russty G.

Really? I mean... really?