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New Orleans Saints NFL Draft Pick Brandin Cooks Not Pro Bowl Caliber?

Former NFL player Stephen White doesn't think Saints first round draft pick, Brandin Cooks, has what it takes to become great at the next level.

Stacy Revere

Saints fans are certainly optimistic about the prospect of the team's first overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, Brandin Cooks. And rightfully so. Cooks is young, fast, and a seeming fit in Sean Payton's Gulf Coast offense. As with any draft pick, especially a first round selection, the hope is that Cooks will become the next NFL legend on his way to Canton, Ohio.

Some analysts don't think that's what the future holds for Brandin Cooks, however. At least not former NFL player Stephen White, who now writes for SB Nation. White doesn't envision big things for Cooks. Good? Yes. Great? Not really.

Some of the first-round selections were good players who went to teams where there was a need at that position. I expect them to play well, but I don't necessarily see them ever being a Pro Bowl type. Brandin Cooks, drafted by the Saints with the 20th pick, is a perfect example.

Cooks fits Sean Payton's offense perfectly. He's a good route runner who is quick in and out of his breaks and pretty good at making people miss after the catch. The Saints were in the market for some young wide receivers for quarterback Drew Brees. At the same time, I wouldn't ever expect to see Cooks on an All-Pro team. He will put up decent numbers, but he won't ever be their No. 1 wide receiver.

White is certainly entitled to his opinion. I'm not going to say he's wrong because the truth is that none of us really know how the next ten or so years are going to play out. Meanwhile, the irrational Saints superfan inside me wants to scream, yell, and call White names.

I will say this, however, with the utmost respect: I hope Stephen White has never been more wrong in his life.