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Saints Mailbag Answers: Brandin Cooks as a Running Back?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Stacy Revere

Is the starting 3 WR (Barring Injury) Guaranteed to be 1.Colston, 2.Stills, 3.Cooks? - Scott J.

Yup. Plain and simple.


Could someone PLEASE tell me if Sean Peyton has studied and/or considered incorporating some of Chip Kelly's training camp methods in the hope that we could have as few injuries as the Eagles did last year! Of course, I am assuming that the lack of injuries wasn't a fluke... Ever hear coaching staff mention this? - David B.

I have never heard this mentioned as it relates to the New Orleans Saints. Like any head coach in the NFL trying to gain an advantage on his competition, Chip Kelly has been guarded about the Eagles' sport science methods and training. You're more likely to see it catch on if the Eagles actually win a Super Bowl or have great success using it. Until then, a lot of NFL coaches will probably view it simply as a fad.


I noticed cooks ran the ball 32 times last year in college. De Sean Jackson gets about 15 carries per Dave would you take the over or under on cooks getting 15 carries this season? Also would you take the over or under on him getting two fumbles? - C. Nola

You are absolutely correct. Cooks had 32 rushing attempts during his 2013 season for Oregon State, and ran for an impressive average of 6.8 yards per carry. He also scored two touchdowns running the ball. In fact, Cooks has had a role rushing the ball from the start of his college career, with an increasing workload each year. I wouldn't expect nearly as much of a running role as Sproles since he's not a traditional running back, but I think you can pretty much guarantee that Sean Payton has a few tricks up his sleeve with Cooks. I imagine it would be a lot of runs to the outside and not your traditional up the middle stuff. Most people don't want to compare him too much to Sproles but there may be more similarities than we think in their role on this team. So to answer your question, I would take the over on Cooks getting 15 carries this season, without hesitation.


Are we going to have access to the interactive roster/salary cap tool like we did last offseason? I surely hope so. - LLTDOW

Once we get into training camp I would definitely like to make that available to everyone again. It takes a bunch of work on the backend to create, so I will need help from our other writers. If everyone can pitch in a little, we'll make it happen.