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NFL Draft 2014: Saints Preview Extravaganza

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Who will the Saints draft Thursday night? We have no idea but that doesn't mean we won't throw out 1,209 different theories and scenarios. Dave says there is ZERO CHANCE OF THE SAINTS TRADING DOWN IN THE 1ST ROUND. BOOK IT.

Ralph wants a WR, Dave wants a CB, and Kevin wants the Saints to draft Jake the Snake. Ralph lays out the Saints dream draft scenario.

Is the Saints-going-to-Vegas-the-weekend-before-the-draft move the most Saints move ever? Whose idea was it to go to Vegas anyway?

Chris Berman is an awful draft host but if you could have anyone run ESPN's coverage who would it be?

Plus your Twitter questions like,"Which NFL head coach would be the first to say 'screw it' and bring a beer or mixed drink onto the field while coaching?"

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WARNING: podcast contains explicit language