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2014 NFL Draft Results: Brandin Cooks Approval Poll

The Saints have traded up with the Cardinals and made their first round selection at 20th overall with wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Do you approve or disapprove?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With the 20th overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints have selected Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

Cooks is being drafted to be the big play, impact receiver that Drew Brees and the Saints sorely need.  I love this pick and I honestly did not expect the Saints to get him.  It came at a cost though, their third round pick, but the Saints aren't used to having a pick in every round anyway.  Now the Saints have a receiving corps consisting of Marques Colston, Kenny Stills, Brandin Cooks, Joseph Morgan, Robert Meachem, and Nick Toon among others, not bad at all.

I'm all for this pick, but what do you think Who Dat Nation?  Do you love, like, or loathe this selection?  Make a selection in our poll and leave us your insight and opinions below!


Useful Draft Links for Saints Fans:

Saints Top Remaining Positions of Need

Player Name 1 2 3 4 5 Total

Cornerback 151 134 98 42 37 1706
Center 86 91 138 107 50 1472
Linebacker 70 78 95 121 73 1262
Tackle 32 33 46 74 111 689

Saints Picks in 2014

Pick Round Player Selected
27 1 Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon St.
58 2
91 3 *TRADED*
126 4
167 5
169 5
202 6