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Mark Ingram Will Lead the 2014 Saints in Rushing

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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Do you believe jimmy deserves a contract bigger than what colston got? - Ed C.

Yes, I'd be fine with that. From a statistical standpoint, Graham is probably deserving of a larger contract. He's certainly put up similar or better numbers than Colston thus far, though not over the same length of time. What I think is most impressive about Colston is that year in and year out he's been able to consistently put up impressive numbers, and do it all without much fanfare. I hope that's what we'll get from Graham in future years. Jimmy definitely deserves a contract on par with some the league's best wide receivers. When it's all said and done, I expect Graham to get something in the neighborhood of $10.5 million per year. That would be more than the $8 million per year that Colston currently makes.


Who will lead the Saints in rushing yards in 2014? - Stu Jo

Despite all the running back options, I think it's between Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson, but my guess would be Ingram. He's poised to step up and lead the team and he's already led the team in rushing once before.  Pierre Thomas will get plenty of touches, but much of that will be in the form of receiving and not so much rushing. I don't expect Travaris Cadet to have a huge roll in the rushing game, to be quite honest. I think he'll be more of a kick/punt returner. Feel free to put me on The List for any of these assertions.


Do you think With our improved defense and Payton's supposed new commitment to the run and more balanced attack we will do better in cold weather games and hostile environments this year or same old same old? - Mike S.

If all of the assumptions you make in your question are true, yes, I don't see any reason why the Saints wouldn't fare better in cold weather than they have in the past. I think that makes complete sense. I don't know whether the Saints actually will be better on defense or commit themselves to the run, as you suggest, but that's another topic all together.


Who will be the " surprise " early cut this year? - Tim P.

When it comes to surprise cuts, I think you've got to look at positions where there's the most competition. This year wide receiver qualifies for that. My guess would be someone like Joe Morgan or Robert Meachem. Cutting either of them early would allow them the benefit of catching on with another team before the start of the season as a "courtesy." Otherwise, though this might not be as big a surprise, I could see one of the 2014 draft late round picks will be cut (Ronald Powell, Khari Fortt, Tavon Rooks).