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Who Will Start at Center for the Saints in 2014?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Saturday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

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Who will be the Saints starting center on September 7th? ~ Tim P.

Jonathan Goodwin. That was easy.


Does Toon make the team this year? - Ben D.

Yowza! This is a tough question. My short answer is yes. Honestly, I thought the coaching staff was a little quick to give up on Toon last season. Compared to Kenny Stills, Toon looked like the better receiver coming out of training camp/pre-season. But it seemed like one bad game early in the regular season and he was banished to he bench for the remainder of the year. I always thought that was kind of bizarre.


Are you in the "ditch the Stand Up and Get Crunk" crowd, or do you still like it? If you say ditch, what should replace it? - Hans P.

I'm so over it. I'd really like to see the team move on completely. Last year the organization limited the number of times the song was played in the Superdome during a game, but I could barely tell a difference. Playing it more than once a game automatically makes it overplayed and takes away from it's impact, in my opinion. I think it should only be played if the Saints are losing a close game and need that extra push.

Picking a replacement is no easy task. "Crunk" wasn't chosen with the idea in mind that it would become a team anthem; it just happened. The special teams guys at the time (2007?) wanted something to get them pumped up before kickoffs and fans just happened to fall in love with it. The next song to reach anthem status for the Saints, if there ever is another one, will most likely come to us the same way - via kismet.


I am in need of a Saints shirt to get signed at training camp & I am leaning towards the Brand Nine baseball shirt, now the ? is do you think a gold sharpie will show up on the shirt or should I use a black sharpie? Also which players should I target for signature besides the obvious Brees etc. - Cathy

I would use a black sharpie, that's a no-brainer. I'm not sure what the setup will be at The Greenbriar for fans wanting autographs but I'm assuming it will be similar to the Metairie practice facility. Which means unless you're going to be very proactive, even slightly pushy, you're kind of stuck with whichever player walks over to your area after practice. The more practices you attend, however, the better chance you'll have of getting a diverse collection of autographs. But try to get autographs from your favorite players. Not sure why you need me to tell you that.


CLAIM TO FAME FORUM. I think we might need one. We need a place to share our 15 seconds of Saints glory- "I watched a game with Sean Payton's brother in law's aunt" etc. I have recently gotten my second Saints Claim to Fame! - O. Nine

Or you could stop tap dancing around this story that you're obviously dying to share with us and just write a FanPost. I sincerely hope your story isn't actually "I watched a game with Sean Payton's brother-in-law's aunt."