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Saints Salary Cap Update After Jimmy Graham's New Contract

Despite paying Graham a whopping $13 million in guarantees in 2014, the Saints were still able to save some salary cap space.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Now that details have emerged about how Jimmy Graham's brand new $40 million contract will be paid out over the four years, we know how it affects the Saints salary cap situation this year.

Graham is scheduled to earn a whopping $13 million ($12 million signing bonus + $1 million base) in 2014, all of that guaranteed. But  his contract only counts $4 million against the Saints salary cap this year.

Before Graham's new contract, the Saints were about $1.7 million under the cap, but that included Graham with a cap hit of about $7 million under the franchise tag. Since he's now only counting $4 million against the cap, we can safely add an additional $3 million in cap savings for the Saints.

That means the Saints should currently be about $4.7 million under the salary cap.

Graham is scheduled to earn another guaranteed $8 million in 2015.