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NFL Division Predictions 2014: AFC East

All is the same in the AFC East this year, as the Patriots take the division for the sixth year in a row.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's about that time again when the NFL world starts firing away  guesses predictions on how the regular season will play out by division.  Just like last year's series, each division in the NFL will have its own post with a breakdown on each team's win-loss records.  Also like last year, we will kick off with the AFC East.

1. New England Patriots: 12-4

Is anything ever going to change in this division? No matter what the other teams in the AFC East do, it just seems like it's never enough to catch up to Belichick and co.  The Pats will definitely feel a little pain losing running back LeGarrette Blount and linebacker Brandon Spikes through free agency, but they will not be show stoppers.  Their suspect secondary has been bolstered through key additions of Darelle Revis and Brandon Browner at cornerback, and having Tom Brady at quarterback is good enough for close to 10 wins by himself.  The Patriots fall short of the Broncos once again and take the second seed in the AFC.

2. New York Jets: 9-7

Whether it be Geno Smith or Michael Vick, the New York Jets have a huge question mark at quarterback.  To help ease the pain there the Jets' staff brought two weapons in Chris Johnson and Eric Decker aboard.  Jace Amaro, tight end from Texas Tech, was also stolen in the second round.  Most of the Jets' success in 2014 will come from their stout defense, which is led by the likes of Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and Calvin Pace.  A hellacious schedule will attempt to keep the Jets from making the playoffs, but they slide in with the sixth seed in the AFC.

3. Miami Dolphins: 8-8

The Dolphins made some good transactions this offseason, notably bringing in cornerback Cortland Finnegan and offensive tackle Brandon Albert, but I don't feel they did enough to put them over the top.  Their draft was very lackluster as well.  It also doesn't help out that they have to play both the AFC West and the NFC North this year.  The Dolphins are close, but they are a just a few key pieces away from a playoff berth.

4. Buffalo Bills: 6-10

The Bills made a big move in the draft by trading up to get standout wide receiver Sammy Watkins, but it remains yet to be seen whether he will get full use with a questionable quarterback.  A stable of running backs featuring Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, and now Bryce Brown should help ease E.J. Manuel, though.  On defense, the Bills have an above average front four that features Marcell Dareus, Mario Williams, and Kyle Williams.  However, losing Jairus Byrd in free agency (Who Dat) will decimate their defense.  Right now the Bills have a few good pieces but just aren't solid enough all the way around to have a winning season.


How do you guys think the AFC East will play out?