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The Greenbrier Cancels New Orleans Saints Experience

After some Saints fans had already rearranged schedules and made reservations for rooms, the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia has canceled their first event of the 2014 Saints training camp.


On July 14, the Greenbrier resort tweeted a link to their New Orleans Saints event page, advertising their "Welcome New Orleans Saints Experience."

Their Saints-related webpage advertised this experience, wherein registered overnight guests and members of the resort could each pay $199 for:

  • A private tour of the Saints Training Camp facility
  • A trip to the airport to welcome the New Orleans Saints
  • A private cocktail and reception and dinner with the players

In order to limit the demand for tickets, and to encourage fans to book accommodations at their resort, the opportunity to purchase this experience was limited to overnight guests and members of the resort.  And despite their advertisement on the same page for rooms starting at $249.00 per night, no such rooms were available even immediately after their announcement.  In truth, a room with two double beds for four people was going to cost over five hundred dollars per night.

Although their website was misleading, one might not consider the room rate to be overly exorbitant, particularly if there was a great demand for rooms at the resort during the Saints training camp.  Nor might an extra two hundred dollars per person be an unreasonable cost to enjoy the Saints Experience as advertised.  However, any Saints fans hoping to attend the event have now been sadly disappointed, and not because the event has been booked to capacity.

As of Wednesday evening, only two days after advertising the chance to enjoy this somewhat exclusive experience, the Greenbrier called guests who had registered for the event, and informed them that it has been cancelled.  The event information has now been removed from their website, as well.

A staff member at the Greenbrier resort is claiming scheduling issues with the players as the reason for the cancellation.  Hopefully they are a bit more coordinated for the rest of their first season hosting the New Orleans Saints training camp.