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Saints Weekend Viewing Guide: Saturday is 'All Saints Day' on NFL Network

NFL Network is running a few Saints-related programs tomorrow that you might want to tune into, and HansDat has your handy-dandy CSC Viewing Guide right here!

Remember this? You can see it again this Saturday on NFL Network!
Remember this? You can see it again this Saturday on NFL Network!
Chris Graythen

Every year at around this time, I begin to look for the annual "NFL Yearbook" series on NFL Network with the 30-minute NFL Films-produced team highlights from the previous year, so when I came across this tweet in my twitterfeed last night...

...I knew the time had come to get after it once again, to make sure I find the one about the Saints.

One quick trip into the onscreen guide on my DirecTV revealed a sweet, sweet bounty of Saints-related programming on NFL Network for this very Saturday, and I just KNEW I had to share it with my CSC family.

Time Zone note: All times EASTERN.

11:30 am  Drew Brees Sound FX (2012). The sights and sounds of Drew Brees' NFL career. HansDat note: I think I've seen this already, but I'm going to record it anyway and watch it again.

12:00 pm  A Football Life: Steve Gleason (2013). The life of former Saints star Steve Gleason, now battling ALS. HansDat note: I have already seen this and don't feel the need to watch it again. But maybe there's someone here who hasn't seen it yet.

3:00 pm  NFL Replay: Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints (from 9/8/2013). 2013 Sweet, sweet season opener. HansDat note: There will be a 'watch party' open thread set up for this one, so I URGE EVERYONE to get their chores done early or push 'em back til late and join me here to chat this game up live!! No diaper crapping allowed.

4:30 pm  NFL Replay: New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panters (from 12/22/2013). Ugly, ugly pre-Christmas game from last year following the ugly, ugly game @ St. Louis. HansDat note: I won't be recording or watching this game.

Now starts the Saturday night NFC South block of NFL Yearbook shows, but they aren't calling them 'NFL Yearbook' anymore...

8:00 pm  2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A New Day. HansDat note: LULZ.

8:30 pm  2013 Atlanta Falcons: Renewed Rise. HansDat note: What's more powerful than LULZ?

9:00 pm  2013 New Orleans Saints: Crescent City Revival. HansDat note: Damn straight!

9:30 pm  2013 Camrolina Panters: Carolina Revival. HansDat note: Good things these titles aren't repetitive or derivative.

I'm going to record all four of these, watch the whole Saints one first, and then watch the other ones to chuckle at the intros before I Round Ryan to the parts that talk about when they played the Saints.

So there you have it, folks. What a lineup that is for a hot July Saturday. Set your DVRs to record the ones you want to keep, and be sure to tune in live at 3:00 pm eastern to watch the 2013 season opener again and yuck it up with me in the Open Thread. You don't want to miss that!!