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NFL 2014 Divisional Predictions: The NFC East

Nick Foles won't be as spectacular as he was in 2013, but he will still get it done for the Eagles this season.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in the NFC portion of our Divisional Predictions series is the East; the more lackluster division in the NFC.

1. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-7

The Eagles' success in 2013 came largely from the astounding play by Nick Foles.  While I do think he is capable of being an average starting quarterback, I don't think he is capable of a 64 percent completion percentage and a 27:2 touchdown-to-interception ratio every year.  With that said, the Eagles will still have an explosive offense, but it more resembles a loose cannon.  They have some pieces on defense such as Trent Cole, Demeco Ryans, and Brandon Boykin, but I don't necessarily love the group.  In the end, they have a good enough team to get them in to the postseason and will take the fourth seed in the NFC.

2. New York Giants: 7-9

The Giants have a very underrated group of receivers with a lot of talent.  However, they lack a sure-fire starter at running back and Eli Manning is as inconsistent as they come.  Aside from the aforementioned receiving corps, there isn't much to like about this Giants team anymore as the pass rush that their defense took pride in is virtually gone aside from Jason Pierre-Paul.  This team will be able to survive throughout the season because of the random few games that they put everything together and go off, but they will eventually miss out on the playoffs yet another year.

3. Washington Redskins: 6-10

The Washington Redskins to me are a poor man's Philadelphia Eagles in the sense that they have an offense that feeds off of the big play.  However, it is not as consistent and can be next to awful when things are not in sync.  I like the combination of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon at receiver and Alfred Morris is a stable running back, but let's face it, the success of this offense is all dependent on how RGIII plays.  The defense, like last year, will be pretty unimpressive and will ultimately be the downfall of the Redskins' 2014 season.

4. Dallas Cowboys: 5-11

The Cowboys had by far the worst defense in the NFL in 2013 and they mysteriously hardly did anything to improve during the offseason.  Drafting Demarcus Lawrence will help ease the loss of DeMarcus Ware in the long run, but he will likely be a rotational player for now.  Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray will be stars for the Cowboys' offense as usual, but you just can't trust Romo to keep it together at quarterback for sixteen games.  In order for the Cowboys to get back to winning consistently, a mass roster exodus needs to occur.


How do you think the NFC East will play out?