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SB Nation Users Can Now Change Their Name

All SB Nation users now have the opportunity to officially change their username. But you only get one chance.

Dan Kitwood

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived! It's such a monumental change to the SB Nation platform that I thought it deserved its own post.

SB Nation users can now change their own username!

There's only one caveat, however, and that is that a user can only change their name once, and only once.

Here's how it works:

1) A user goes to their profile page and selects "Edit Account & Settings" from the dropdown menu


2) User selects "Use my one change" on the page.


3) User types in the name they want to use, and the system will tell you whether or not the name is available.





REMEMBER: Each user only gets one username change. Once this change has taken place, the bar will be very high for us to consider another name change, but any user can email to submit a request that includes the rationale behind the change.

I can only imagine all the confusion this is going to cause when some of you decide to change your name and we no longer know who you were and who is currently commenting. Oh well.