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CSC Virtual Training Camp Week Two: Gameday Coverage

Week Two of Canal Street Chronicles' Virtual Training Camp has us installing the game plan for CSC's gameday coverage that rolls out before and after each Saints game.

Line up and file in for your CSC Virtual Training Camp - Week 2 session.
Line up and file in for your CSC Virtual Training Camp - Week 2 session.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

OK, you knuckleheads. Week One of CSC Virtual Training Camp is in the books, as is the first REAL/FAKE preseason game for the New Orleans Saints. If you think your legs feel dead and you miss your mommies, spouses and kids now, just wait until we really start grinding. You ain't seen nothing yet!

For this week's work, we are going to install the game plan for CSC's Gameday Coverage, which is not to be missed. So don't. Don't miss it, I mean. Ok? I mean it. Really.

Your Gameday CSC Experience will start at the crack o' dawn (aka 7:00 am Eastern time), when you awaken to Noble Jon Oliver's Game Time, TV Schedule, Online Streaming, Odds, and More post. Once you read it and find out all you need to know to be able to follow the game in a variety of ways, you can mix it up in the comment thread with other early risers. You can share how you'll be spending the day prior to the game, discuss your Saints gear selections for the day, as well as your equally-important food and drink choices, and let us know what your mindset is for the game using the continuum/scale that runs from full diaper crapload to cool as a cucumber. And you won't want to miss Dang reminding me to wear pants - it's always big fun!

Depending on when the Saints actually play, Jon also hooks us up with Open Threads for the other games occurring during non-Saints-game times, whether it be for the Early Games, Late Games, or even the Sunday Nighter!!! In these threads, we talk about which games we're most interested in (smack talking while watching the other NFC South teams lose is a big pastime here), which one is being shown in our area, which fantasy players are needed to come up big, and also discuss the Saints game.

And for discussion during the Saints games themselves, in the past you received, courtesy of Dave's advance work, an Open Thread that would pop up about a half-hour prior to the kickoff (including some important game info), which would be followed by a Second Half Thread usually by Jon (once again - he sure stays busy on game day!) that included a brief recap of the first half and some basic stat charts. This year, due to CSC public demand, I will be adding simple Open Threads for the second and fourth quarters and any overtime periods.

Immediately following the game, our man Travis will be racing to publish the Post Game Discussion Thread to serve as the home for our initial reactions to the game. It will include a game recap, stats, and a poll to vote on your non-Drew Brees Saints Player of the Game.

Should any Breaking or otherwise noteworthy Saints-related news need coverage before, during or after the game, it will get posted by Dave LIKE THIS and LIKE THIS. We may also get the occasional Twitter Recap post of tweets relating to the game, or a Seven From Sunday post that contains notable stats compiled by the league from Sunday's slate of games.

And that pretty much completes our CSC Gameday Coverage rundown. All the CSC veterans can chime in about which parts of the game day coverage you like the most, and what kinds of comments we can expect to see this Fall. Rookies, feel free to ask any questions you might have. Just remember that there are no stupid questions, just stupid people who ask them and then have to sing their college fight songs in front of the whole team at dinner in the cafeteria.