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Saints Roster Countdown 2014: #24 Corey White and #74 Tavon Rooks

The Saints are back in New Orleans for the 2014 season, and are hosting the Titans in their second preseason game tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're counting down the days until the Saints kick off the regular season in Atlanta, by taking a brief look at the guys who currently stand on the roster. Today we check out #24 (CB) Corey White and #74 (OT) Tavon Rooks!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

As we count down from 50 days until the New Orleans Saints begin their regular season in Atlanta, on September 7th, we're getting to know a little bit about those players who have signed on to bring home another Lombardi trophy.

Today, we take a brief look at cornerback Corey White and tackle Tavon Rooks!

So, with no more ado:


#24 CB Corey White (3rd Year)

Corey White was drafted out of Samford by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  In the two seasons since, he has appeared in 26 games with 10 starts and has posted 74 tackles (58 solo), two interceptions, 10 passes defensed and one fumble recovery, while also adding six tackles on special teams.

In the memories of many Saints fans, White had a rough year in 2012.  He was repeatedly targeted by quarterbacks looking to take advantage of his lack of polish in his first year as an NFL starter.  And his most positive play -- an interception against the 49ers -- ended with him fumbling the football at the goal line to give San Francisco the ball back, with a touchback out of the back of the end zone.

That said, the young defensive back has good speed and hits hard; and he seems to perform fairly well when near the ball.  And after being shuffled around at cornerback and safety this preseason, he may have found his best fit as a nickle cornerback, defending against the slot receiver.  Hopefully the experience he gained last season, and any guidance he continues to receive from the successful veterans on the defense, will help him improve and grow into his role as Rob Ryan looks to best utilize his talents.

4 yr(s) / $2,276,500. Average: $569,125 per year through 2015.

#74 OT Tavon Rooks (Rookie)

After transferring from Navarro Junior College, Tavon Rooks excelled in both pass protection and run blocking as a two-year starter at Kansas State.  Despite being projected to fall through the 2014 NFL Draft to the ranks of undrafted free agents, he was picked up by the New Orleans Saints in the sixth round.

Having anchored the right side of a productive Kansas State offensive line for two years, Rooks earned an All-Big 12 Honorable Mention in 2013.  After competing for a roster spot at right tackle during this year's training camp, he will likely land on the practice squad for a season before being tasked as backup security for the right side of Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

To get to know the rookie tackle a little more, check out Dave's post-draft article.

4 yr(s) / $2,317,432. Average: $579,358 per year through 2017.