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Fantasy Football Value: Will Drew Brees Throw for 5,000 Yards in 2014?

Debating whether Brees will remain one of the top scoring fantasy quarterbacks this season or finally become a pedestrian selection.

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Sean Gardner

Time to chat again about the more important football season set to kick off in a few weeks all across America: the fantasy kind. Specifically, we need to talk about Drew Brees' fantasy value.

Last year Peyton Manning was the most valuable player/quarterback in all the land, throwing for an incredible 55 touchdowns and 5,477 yards. In my ESPN league that was good enough for 406 points. In years prior, however, that's a title normally bestowed upon our beloved Brees, who makes 5,000 yards passing in a single season look easy.

But what about this season? Where will Drew fall on the fantasy football point spectrum? If he throws for over 5,000 yards or more yet again, you can pretty much guarantee that he will be one of the most valuable fantasy quarterbacks in the league, if not the most valuable. If his stats finally drop back down to earth, however, he might be a more pedestrian quarterback selection for your fantasy team.

So what do you guys think? Is Drew still a top tier fantasy QB selection worthy of a first or second round draft choice?

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