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Saints Training Camp 2014 Updates and Open Thread

Get up-to-the-minute info about all the action from Saints training camp practice today on Airline Drive in Metairie, and chat live with other Saints fans through it all.

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints continue training camp with another practice at home in their facility on Airline Drive this morning.

The Saints will have on-field workouts today from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm CST. It's their only practice of the day.

All training camp workouts for the next two weeks will be open to fans and media. However, all training camp practices are subject to short notice changes and adjustments based on weather and/or football operations decisions.

If you're thinking or planning on going to watch the action, here's a little more info from the Saints:

  • Player Autographs: Following each practice, Saints players will sign autographs for fans. Available players will sign autographs if weather, time and other circumstances permit. Please note, however that autographs are not guaranteed.

  • Special Needs: Visitors with special needs should see a Saints or Greenbrier representative for appropriate assistance. A viewing area is available for our disabled fans.

  • Restrooms: Restrooms are available at all training camp locations.

  • Prohibited Items: Backpacks, video cameras, oversized handbags, outside food and beverage, pets and any other items deemed unacceptable by the New Orleans Saints and venue security are prohibited.

  • Concessions: There is a variety of food and drink available for purchase on site. Drink and food from the outside are not allowed on the premises.

  • Still Photos and Video: Fans are welcome to take photos of the players during training camp. However, video is prohibited. Saints staff may request at any time that you cease using those devices.

To help you stay up to date with all of today's action, below is a Twitter list widget I've put together to help you follow along. It's comprised of all the necessary tweeps who cover training camp. It will update automatically. Tweets with photos will expand automatically.

This post is also intended to serve as an open thread for Saints fans to hang out and to chat live with other Saints fans during and after practice.

I told you he was gassed Stu.


Losing up. So practice already. Ha.

Hicks left practice early yesterday too.

Kenny Stills


That's a good sign with Keenan.

Special Teams drill. Thanks Egghead.

Does anyone like our $9 mil Safety running withe the kick coverage team. ???

Getting more from the fans that the reporters. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Archie's at camp.

There's Rufus.

Sean is on live.

About today's practice.

Mostly worked the nickel packages, with some Red (slap yo mama) Zone at the end.

Kept Cooks inside because of he still has a fever, and will see how he is tomorrow.

On Byrd.

We were just waiting for final clearance on contact, so he is now full go. Just a matter of him getting reps now.

Touched on the practice squad. Said it was a good thing, that the amount of players you can keep on it, has gone up. I didn't know this myself and will have to check later. Said that it's a great way to develop young players.

On FBs Austin johnson and Greg Jones.

Austin is doing real good, and Greg is getting back in football shape. Said we have to be prepared at the position for the first game, while Erik Lorig is rehabbing.

On Ronald Powell

Special teams is going to be important. He's flashed some good plays and had some shall we say, not so good moments. His play on kick coverage will be very important, more so than on defense for Ronald.

On the kicking competition and the new (preseason) placement for the extra point.

The kickers are being very competitive and not leaning one way or the other yet. On the farther extra point kicks, has no real opinion on it, and expects something to be changed permanently next season, but doesn't know that this will be it.

On the reason for moving practice tomorrow.

The Northshore fans are big there, and the nighttime practice will let some go who can't during the day.