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What is Brandin Cooks' Fantasy Football Value This Year?

Brandin Cooks could become a very valuable fantasy football player in Sean Payton's offense, in the mold of Reggie Bush.

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Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

First round draft pick Brandin Cooks has been garnering lots of attention at Saints training camp so far this year. Not surprising considering his talent level and speed. And while that may mean good things for the Saints this season, we need to talk about something even more important: fantasy football.

Just what can we expect from the rookie in terms of fantasy production? Should you consider drafting him on your team, despite being an unknown commodity at this point?

Personally, I think yes. Because Cooks can be a duel threat and because he shares a similar skill set, I envision a lot of touches for Cooks in this offense similar to what we saw from Reggie Bush in his 2006 rookie season when he ran for 565 yards and added another 742 yards through the air with a whopping 88 catches on the way to 8 TDs.

That's a lot of fantasy value for a rookie. And if you're playing in a PPR league, then that value is even greater. So if Cooks is there in the middle rounds - especially in the later rounds - consider picking him up. The rewards could be plentiful.

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