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Saints Training Camp 2014 Day 5 Closed Practice

Today's practice is a closed session, so I'll post what I can, and will give the Highlights when Sean is interviewed in Livestream.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Coach started off with roster changes.

Waived DE Chidera Uzo-Diribe, TE Je'Ron Hamm, RB Tim Flanders, and WR Tobias Plamer. Brings roster down to 86.

Today's install was for the Colts.

Asked about what Champ Bailey and Patrick Robinson need to show.

Goal is to play them and be smart with the reps. Both will play against Indy.

Sean said he tells the players every year, you're not just competing against the players here, but also against the players on the 31 other teams. Not uncommon to bring in another player to compete, who was waived in the roster cut downs. Especially important is special teams to these players chances.

Asked how much input Drew Brees has on the plan for the game.

Sean says all during the week they ask Drew what he was comfortable with, and they have a summation meeting, at the end of the week to discuss what transpired during the week. Drew likes to get in a rhythm, and then there are certain looks at the line of scrimmage, that will make him change a play.

Asked about when Pete is calling plays, if there is much input from Sean or Bret Ingalls.

Sean said, that whoever is calling plays doesn't have but about 7 seconds to get the calls in, so any discussion is done while the defense is on the field, for their series. Said often the QB will give input as well, from what he has seen, but once the offense is on the field, there isn't time to discuss plays. Whoever is calling them, has to get the calls in too fast to get advice then.

Asked how tight was the competition for kicker.

Sean said it's pretty tight. Real competitive and ongoing. Still very much up in the air.

Asked if the 3rd preseason game was more like a regular season game.

Schedule this week has been more like a in-season schedule. Teams usually play their starters more in the 3rd game. OK the stream timed-out on me here so I'll have to post tweets for the rest.