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Saints vs. Colts Preseason Preview with Stampede Blue

Ahead of the third (and most important) preseason game for both the Saints and the Colts, we preview tonight's contest with Josh Wilson, lead writer at Stampede Blue, the Colts SB Nation blog.

Stop dunking, Jimmy. You can still scream though.
Stop dunking, Jimmy. You can still scream though.
Stacy Revere

This is it, the preseason dress-rehearsal everyone has been waiting for is almost here. Tonight, when the New Orleans Saints face the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, we should see the starters play into the third quarter, as far as the Saints are concerned. There will actually be some light game-planning and hopefully we should have a good indication of what the Black and Gold is going to look like on September 7 against the Atlanta Falcons. Oh and will there be less than a combined 30 penalties in the game?

To preview the contest, I am joined today by Josh Wilson, editor and lead writer at Stampede Blue. We're using "ReplyAll" a pretty cool app that allows us to have a live conversation about the game. Josh will tell us about the Colts and who are the "Players to Watch" for a team that has Super Bowl aspirations this year, led by third-year quarterback Andrew Luck. Check back for updates in our preview conversation and share your opinions and questions in the comment section.