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Saints Roster Cuts 2014: Getting Down to 75 Players

The Saints have until 4 PM ET on Tuesday to reduce their rosters to a maximum of 75 players. Below I'll make my predictions on who will be in the first round of cuts. Four players have already be waived, so we have eleven more to cut. Make your own

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The team has until 4 PM ET on Tuesday, August 26th, to make roster cuts and get down to 75 players.

I'll make my predictions, and you can make your own in the comments below. A helpful tool you can use is available with the New Orleans Saints 2014 Interactive Roster Builder. The roster is already at 86 players after the team waived four players, DE/OLB Chidera Uzo-Diribe, TE Je'Ron Hamm, RB Tim Flanders, and WR Tobias Plamer, so they only have 11 more players to cut to make the 75 roster limit.

Today is a travel day for the team, so you can expect roster move announcements to be made starting tomorrow. As a fun exercise, I'll guess who the next 11 players to get the pink slip will be, and you can argue with, or make your on predictions in the comments. Have fun playing the GM for the next couple of days.

My list includes the first 4 already cut, DE/OLB Chidera Uzo-Diribe, TE Je'Ron Hamm, RB Tim Flanders, and WR Tobias Plamer, as well as the following:

S Ty Zimmerman

WR Seantavius Jones

WR Charles Hawkins

TE Nic Jacobs

FB Greg Jones

ILB Todd Davis

OT Jason Weaver

CB Derrius Brooks

DE George Uko

OT Manase Foketi

DT Brandon Deaderick

So there you have mine. Feel free to discuss below and make you own predictions. I hesitated to cut any OTs but I've got nothing on those 2 and Ryan Griffin probably doesn't care after last night. I also had reservations about cutting FB Greg Jones, since Erik Lorig, is still questionable for the season opener, but felt  Austin Johnson was younger, healthy, and made his claim both in camp and in the game last night.