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CSC's Friday Night Open Thread

I'm trying something new: how about a recurring Friday Night Open Thread on CSC? Come and go, chat about the Saints, about LSU, about Tulane (moderately). Or we can talk about movies, food, whatever you'd like. Keep it PG-13 or my "delete hammer" will be swift. But above all, have fun! :-)

Let's have a little chat!
Let's have a little chat!
Marc Serota

It's Friday night, maybe you're stuck at work, or stuck watching a "romantic comedy with a strong female lead" with the girlfriend or the wife.

If you're the girlfriend or the wife, maybe you're stuck watching some god-awful Friday night college football game with mister "The Remote is Mine."

Oh and how about those roster cuts? Who should go? Who should stay?

Come and chat with us! :-)