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Saints Preseason 2014: Will Drew Brees Play vs. the Rams?

Below are answers to reader questions submitted Sunday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

What's your over/under line on # of drives Drew Brees gets vs. Rams this week? And which will you take? - Hans P.

Normally I would say one - maybe two - drives for this first pre-season game. That's the standard. But with this oblique injury, we may very well not see him at all. There's really no point. Drew certainly doesn't need the practice. Plus, there are three other quarterbacks the coaching staff needs to evaluate. So to answer your question, if I was Vegas setting the over/under, I would set it at one. I would probably bet the under.


Will Cooks have more receiving yards than Colston this year? ~Tim P.

More receiving yards? I think I've still got to go with the veteran. He'll always be Drew's favorite target as long as he's healthy and in New Orleans. Most total yards from scrimmage, however? Cooks might be able to top Colston if he racks up significant rushing yards as well.


What is the worst food in the Dome Dome dogs, pizza, jambalaya or nachos with cheese? - Ben D.

The jambalaya is pretty legit and they give you a good amount for your money. It might actually be your best bet from a value standpoint. Pretty sure they're just using the Zatarains mix. The nachos, however, always look so disappointing and unsatisfactory. They do offer them with jalapenos and a couple of other extra fixings at some food vendors in the stadium, but they're never a food choice I would ever make during a game.


How many safeties will be on the final roster come game one in Atlanta? ~ Tim P.

Well we know Rob Ryan loves him some safeties. It's pretty darn early to be making realistic predictions but right now, my guess would be five (Byrd, Vaccaro, Bush, Warren, Sunseri).


Who do you think wins the backup QB spot? and please try to keep your Tulane homerisum in check when responding. - Rusty G.

I'm pretty sure I've already prematurely answered this question, but let me watch a pre-season game or two this year before I go making myself look stupid with an outlandish prediction. But probably Ryan Griffin. Roll Wave!


According to NFL network ticker Champ will be possible camp casualty. What is your opinion since they rarely ever get it right when it comes to the Saints? - B.G. Coast

I would find that hard to believe. Unless his recent foot/leg injury is serious, I'd say Bailey definitely makes the team. Everything I've heard about him thus far through training camp has been very positive. He might even be the starting cornerback alongside Keenan Lewis.


How many receivers make the final roster? - M S. Fan

Already answered this question last month.


Is it reasonable to think the Saints could trade some of the abundance they have at WR, RB or S?- Rock K.

No offense, but it is incredibly unreasonable. NFL teams all have to cut down their rosters following pre-season. If any team has an abundance of players at any position, they're going to be forced to cut some of them before the start of the regular season. Which means after final cuts are made, there will be some legitimate talent available for teams to sign. So why would another team trade for a player they could just sign for free when he's cut?