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Saints 2014 Roster Moves: Put in Waiver for Seahawks RT Michael Bowie

The Saints put in a Waiver Claim for RT Michael Bowie who was released by the Seahawks. Has Camp led to concerns with depth at the Position.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, The Browns had priority, but this does raise the question, why?!?! It was tweeted during the scrimmage yesterday, that Marcel Jones, who remained in, was limping. Could this have led to a perceived question of depth, on the O-line. So we go after another player who was waived/injuried.  Probably would have been just another camp body, but it does raise some interesting questions. Ben Grubbs has yet to participate in training camp. Sean Payton assures us it's nothing to be concerned about, so of course, some of us are concerned.

While we do have a seeming abundance at other positions, like Safeties, we do have limited options, when our key players on the O-line go down. We only have to think back to last season to see the effects, of not being able to protect Drew, adequately. The pickings available out there are real slim, so I can understand why, the team would take a shot at a waived player.