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Saints Announce Practice Squad Players

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Mickey Loomis announced the moves Monday morning.

Woohoo!! I made the practice squad!!!
Woohoo!! I made the practice squad!!!
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After a day of speculation and retractions and tweets galore from "per source" and "I was told" avenues that led to some of the roster spots being rumored to be filled, the New Orleans Saints have announced via release on their official team site the names of the exact ten players signed to their 2014 practice squad.

Here's the exact lead from the release:

The New Orleans Saints have signed ten players to their practice squad, it was announced by Executive Vice President/General Manager Mickey Loomis.

The players signed were WR Brandon Coleman, ILB Todd Davis, CB Terrence Frederick, TE Nic Jacobs, WR Seantavius Jones, G Antoine McClain, T Tavon Rooks, NT Lawrence Virgil, CB Trevin Wade and S Pierre Warren.

The release also includes biographical info on each of the players, and it looks like offensive lineman Antoine McClain is the only new face in the bunch.

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So there they are, the future Saints gear-wearing sideline-walkers who will be seen on America's Team: The 2014 New Orleans Saints film that will come out once they win the Super Bowl in Arizona in February. I can't wait to see who effs up the Juicy Fruit!

What do you think of this group? @Is it Super Bowl-caliber?@

Note: CSC Shoutout to my main man MEETHOS for getting this news shared as a Fanshot as I was completing this post. GO CSC TEAM GO!!!! We are Super Bowl-Caliber, too!!!