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Are Saints 2014 Games in Danger of Not Being Broadcast in Local Market?

DirecTV customers no longer can view FOX 8 on the DirecTV system. Contract dispute continues.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As of right now, the rebroadcast rights with Direc TV and FOX8 have not been resolved and the channel will not be carried on Direc TV. What does this mean. For one thing, if you are in antenna range you can always view Fox 8 without satellite service. For many of us with the old analog TVs still in our home, this means we would have to purchase a Digital to Analog Converter Box. Most have avoided this requirement by subscribing to one of the cable or satellite providers.

Due to the ongoing contract dispute this is not currently an option with Direc TV. Fox 8's suggestions are that you change provider, watch via the free air waves, or email Direc TV demanding coverage. Will Saints games in effect, be blacked out, for many in the local viewing area, as a result.

This happened in 2012 and the main concern was missing Sponge Bob Square Pants, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Blacking out the Saints games would bring this to a whole other level.