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Saints vs. Browns Final Score: Cleveland Edges New Orleans 26-24 with Late Billy Cundiff Field Goal

The Saints lost their second straight game of the 2014 NFL season 26-24 to the Cleveland Browns thanks to terrible defense and a late-game field goal.

Jason Miller

The Browns stunned the Saints 26-24 in Cleveland thanks to a 29-yard Billy Cundiff field goal in the final seconds.

Blame this one on the defense, allowing the Browns to convert two 3rd downs and a 4th down on their final drive. The Saints also got off to a terrible start, going down 10-0 early after struggling offensively. The Saints never led by more than 1 point at any time during the game.

Jimmy Graham had a great game with 10 catches for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns. Mark Ingram also played well with 11 carries and 3 catches for a total of 104 yards

Here is how it all played out:

1st Quarter

  • 61 degrees in Cleveland at kickoff.
  • FOX airs the singing of the National Anthem, which I don't think is normal procedure during regular season games.
  • Browns win the coin toss and defer. The Saints start with the ball.
  • The offense goes absolutely nowhere on the first drive. Botched shotgun snap on 2nd down certainly doesn't help. Three and out.
  • Saints defense forces a punt on their first effort as well.
  • Brees is sacked at the 1-yard line on first down. He can't find an open receiver and holds onto the ball way too long.
  • Another 3 and out for the Saints offense. Cleveland getting a lot of pressure on Brees. Offense just can't get into a rhythm. So far they've got 6 plays for-1 yards.
  • 3rd and 10 - Patrick Robinson gets called for an obvious pass interference, putting the Browns in the red zone. Ugh.
  • Browns convert a 4th and 1 on the 5-yard line.
  • Miles Austin makes the easy catch over the middle for a touchdown. Browns lead 7-0
  • Playcall confusion causes the Saints to use their second timeout in the first quarter. The Saints end up punting.
  • Corey White replaces Patrick Robinson to start the next defensive series but Robinson returns to game action after a few plays.
  • Billy Cundiff hits the post on a field goal attempt but Patrick Robinson is called for a neutral zone infraction so the Browns get an automatic first down. Instead of getting the ball back, the Saints defense must stay on the field.
  • Three plays later Cundiff comes back out and makes the field goal. Browns extend their lead 10-0.
  • One of the worst quarters the Saints have ever played finally comes to an end. If Brian Hoyer wasn't such a crappy quarterback, the damage would have been much worse.

2nd Quarter

  • Saints start moving the ball well on the ground. But their drive stalls when they try going through the air.
  • No catches from Jimmy Graham yet.
  • Brian Hoyer goes deep to Benjaim and Patrick Robinson actually makes a good pass breakup! Saints end up forcing the Browns to punt.
  • The Saints offense finally gets it together, as we knew it would. Mark Ingram breaks off a nice 26 yard run. Then Brandin Cooks runs around the left side for an additional 28 yards.
  • Unfortunately, the offense stalls and the Saints have to take the field goal. The Saints cut the Browns lead to 10-3.
  • A blocked pass by Cam Jordan at the line on 3rd down forces another Browns punt.
  • Drew Brees looks to an open Jimmy Graham over the middle but the pass is a little high and it sails over Graham's head into the open arms of Tashaun Gipson, who returns it all the way for a touchdown. The extra point snap is botched. Browns now lead 16-3.
  • Saints take over with a little more than 3 minutes left in the half. After not throwing to Jimmy Graham all game, all the passes go to Graham as the Saints start moving down field.
  • Kenny Stills makes his first catch of the season.
  • Meachem drops a should-be touchdown pass on a back shoulder throw. He makes up for it on the next play with a catch for a first down. Saints spike the ball to stop the clock so they can take a shot at the end zone.
  • With 8 seconds left, Brees lobs one up to Jimmy for the touchdown! Saints only down 16-10 at halftime.
  • Graham should have dunked the ball over the goal post as a goodbye gift to Roger Goodell. The penalty assessed on the kickoff wouldn't really hurt much since the half is ending anyway.

3rd Quarter

  • The Browns start the half with the ball.
  • Johnny Manziel checks into the game at quarterback for one play. Random and stupid. Browns eventually punt.
  • Mark Ingram picks up right where he left off in the first half, with a 15-yard run, a screen catch for 13 yards, and another run for 15 yards. He is possessed.
  • Jimmy Graham notches his second touchdown of the game with a catch at the goal line. Saints take the lead 17-16 as the better team begins to emerge.
  • Manziel checks into the game again for back-to-back plays. Nothing comes of it.
  • Patrick Robinson makes a nice tackle on the running back in the backfield. More credit where credit is due.
  • The Browns put together an impressive 14-play 80-yard drive that ends with a touchdown run by Terrance West. Browns back up 23-17.

4th Quarter

  • The Saints respond with an equally impressive 13-play 80-yard drive of their own capped off by a 1-yard touchdown run by Mark Ingram. Saints regain the lead 24-23.
  • Saints defense puts an end to the scoring drive streak, forcing the Browns to punt. Saints can pull away here with another touchdown.
  • Once again the Saints march down the field with ease, spreading the ball around and mixing runs and pass.
  • A Karlos Dansby sack on 3rd and 5 forces the Saints to punt.
  • A good punt by Morstead gives the Browns poor field position at their own 4 yard line with a little over 2 minutes remaining in the game.
  • David Hawthorne leaves the game with a left leg injury. He will not return.
  • 3rd and 1 - Browns convert with a completion to Miles Austin. Corey White on the coverage. Frustration.
  • Sean Payton is seen yelling at Rob Ryan on the sideline.
  • 3rd and 3 - Browns convert with a completion to Miles Austin. Keenan Lewis on the coverage. More frustration.
  • Junior Galette gets the first sack of the game on Brian Hoyer.
  • 4th and 6 - Browns convert on a completion to Gary Barnidge. You gotta be f@#&$ing kidding me!!!
  • A 13-yard pass to Miles Austin puts the Browns close to field goal range with 15 seconds left in the game.
  • The Browns complete a 22-yard pass to a wide open Andrew Hawkins. Unbelievable. Completely blown coverage. Patrick Robinson is flagged for holding.
  • Billy Cundiff makes the easy 29-yard field goal to give the Browns the win 26-24.