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Darren Sharper Lawsuit Claims Saints Owe Him More Than $95,000

What do you do, when you are confined to a jail cell to make a living. Sue the team that paid you $1.2 million in 2009, and $1.575 million in 2010.


Darren Sharper is trying to overturn a judges ruling that he waited too long to file his injury claim. Sharper is claiming the Saints owe him more than $95,000, because the knee he injured in the 2009 season shortened his career.

Judge Diane Lundeen of the Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation, dismissed the claim in June of 2013, because Darren had waited 25 months to file the claim. Louisiana worker comp laws say that a claim must be filed within 1 year.

Sharper also claimed he injured his knee in the playoff game against Seattle in 2011, but could provide no proof, to back up the claim.

Darren Sharper's net worth was $8 million at one time, but his legal troubles have no doubt made a substantial dent in those numbers.