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2014 Saints Rushing Attack is Best in Franchise History

It might be hard to believe but the Saints are currently running the ball more effectively than they ever have in their team's 47-year history. Which is why Sean Payton and the offense need to keep pounding the ground against upcoming opponents.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

In the video above, Marshall Faulk has a question specifically for us here at Canal Street Chronicles this week and it's about the Saints running game. Faulk thinks the Saints really need to run the rock against the Vikings this week to avoid losing a third straight game.

Quite an astute observation, Mr. Faulk. I think most of us would agree. Interestingly enough, 40% of their total plays so far this season have been runs, compared to 36% for all of last season and 35% in 2012. So technically the Saints are running the ball more this season than they ever have in recent history. While they could definitely stand to kick it up yet another notch, that's probably asking a lot of Sean Payton and the Saints.

But Faulk is right, the Saints could benefit from being more offensively balanced still. Especially considering how effective the ground game has been for the Saints through the first two weeks of the season. In fact, would you be surprised if I told you this has been the most effective the Saints have ever been running the football? Like ever.

Well, it's true. The Saints are averaging a whopping 5.7 yards per carry so far in 2014. The stat is obviously a little misleading because it's still early and that average hasn't had a chance to flatten out over time, but so far this is the most effective they've ever been on the ground in 47 years of franchise history. The only season that even comes close was 2011 when their incredible record-breaking offense averaged 4.9 yards per carry.

It's a shame Mark Ingram will be sidelined with a broken hand for a month or so because he was a large part of the Saints rushing success this season and his absence might lead to a drop in production. Whether or not the rushing attack will remain productive with Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas leading the charge remains to be seen, but it certainly could if Payton and the Saints are willing to stick with it. As they should.

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