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Who Dat Nation Versus SI Poll on Roger Goodell Keeping His Job

Sports Illustrated conducted a poll of some 500 fans about violence in the NFL and whether Roger Goodell should keep his job. I'll publish a link to SI's poll and place our own at the end for our reactions.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

SI Poll: NFL fans disapprove of Goodell

According to their poll, 37.8% of fans think Roger Goodell should lose his job because of his handling of the recent issues.

33.6% are uncertain whether he should stay or lose his job.

28.5% think Roger Goodell should keep his job. This doesn't necessarily mean they like or approve of his handling of the Ray Rice situation, just that he should be allowed to continue.

That adds up to 99.9% with my math, but it's their poll so I'll just list it as they have.

In all fairness, other than the handling of the Ray rice incident, or perhaps because of the backlash, the NFL has been quick to respond to Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer, and Ray McDonald.

Yesterday a meeting between the NFL and 11 former players had the following recommendations. With accusations of violence, such as we have seen with the above players, the recommendation seems to be to inactivate the players with pay, until the legal process has run its course. While this might sound like paying players for acting badly, we do have a innocent until proven guilty legal system in this nation. With the sue happy times, it is well conceivable that false accusations could lead to arrest, and players should not lose their livelihoods if they are in fact innocent. I see the NFL's Commissioners' Exempt list becoming more prevalent in the near future. A question I have is do these exempt players count against the teams cap. They are still being paid.

So far this has not been an issue with the Saints, but it could happen in the future. You never know when a player such as Darren Sharper, will be charged for something.