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Personal Foul Penalties Could Be Reviewable in the 2015 NFL Season

Ian Rapoport tweets the "news" that personal foul penalties may be reviewable for the 2015 season.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

These were retweeted by the NFL.

The debate on being able to challenge penalties has been a discussion here fairly often. This could be a step in the direction which would allow all penalties to be challenged in the future. Much has been made of the fact that blown calls have caused teams to lose games. Referees are subject to the same errors in judgement we all make, and this could be a positive move.

The main argument against this move has been making games run too long for the allotted time slots. The delay of the game would, in theory, be limited by the amount of challenge flags a team has. So what do you think. Is this a good move, totally unnecessary, or somewhere in-between. Tell us in the comments section.