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Saints vs. Cowboys Final Score: Saints Embarrassed by Dallas 38-17 on Sunday Night Football

Despite putting up some points late in the game during a feeble comeback attempt, the Saints were never in contention from the very start of this embarrassing 38-17 loss to Dallas on NBC Sunday Night Football.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If there was ever a time for Saints fans to panic, it's now, folBoth the offense and defense looked unprepared Here's the recap.

1st Quarter

  • The Saints kick off to start the game.
  • The Cowboys move down field very easily on their first drive of 80 yards, which ends in a touchdown pass to Terrance Williams. Not without a hard hit from Jairus Byrd at the point of contact. Tony Romo goes a perfect 7/7 for 66 yards . Terrible defense by the Saints. Cowboys open the scoring 7-0.
  • Jonathan Goodwin gets the start at center for the Saints.
  • The Saints draw two straight defensive penalties in the defensive backfield, defensive holding and illegal contact.
  • Morris Claiborne injures his knee and needs help from trainers getting off the field. His return is listed as Questionable.
  • Terron Armstead is slow to get up as he grabs his head. He goes to the locker room with trainers with a possible concussion. He's eventually ruled out officially with a concussion.
  • Thomas Morstead eventually comes out to punt.
  • The first quarter ends with the Cowboys driving down field again. It was all Dallas for the first 15 minutes.

2nd Quarter

  • On 3rd and 9 Jairus Byrd makes a great pass breakup against Devin Street to force the punt.
  • Bryce Harris comes in at left tackle to replace Armstead.
  • The Saints begin to move down the field well themselves with a good mix of run and pass. But the offense stalls on the Cowboys 23-yard line.
  • Shayne Graham comes in to attempt the 41-yard field goal but kicks it wide right. Saints get nothing for their effort. Cowboys still lead 7-0.
  • Jairus Byrd is laying the wood tonight and covering a lot of field. He makes another thunderous hit over the middle, but Lance Dunbar holds onto the ball for the catch.
  • Cowboys eventually settle for the 51-yard Dan Bailey field goal (meanwhile, Graham can't make one from 41). Dallas extends their lead 10-0.
  • Brees throws for Meachem but the pass is tipped by Bruce Carter and intercepted by Justin Durant.
  • Two plays, 39 yards later and DeMarco Murray is running easily into the endzone. There should have been a penalty for too many men downfield on the first play, but it isn't called. Cowboys take an astonishing 17-0 lead and the Saints appears to be imploding as we know they're capable of doing.
  • Saints answer by going three and out. Another punt. Awesome.
  • In case you didn't know it, Demarco Murray is really freakin' good.
  • On 3rd and 1 the Saints defense has only 10 players on the field. The defense is a mess tonight.
  • The defense is missing a lot of tackles because it looks like they're trying to go for a big play turnover.
  • With 0:24 seconds left, Romo completes a 23-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams. It's now 24-0 in favor of the Cowboys. The Saints are getting embarrassed.

3rd Quarter

  • The good news is that the Saints start the second half with the ball.
  • 3rd and 14 the Saints convert with a nice 16-yard completion down the right sideline to Kenny Stills. Then Brees goes even deeper to Stills for a 46-yard completion The Saints start to show some life.
  • Unfortunately, the offense stalls in the red zone. Graham makes a short field goal for the Saints' first points on the board. Cowboys still up 24-3.
  • 3rd and 1, Demarco Murray powers through for the first down. 3rd and 5, they let Romo scramble for 21 yards. Saints defense still hasn't figured anything out.
  • Murray tops off the drive with a 28-yard touchdown run, complete with lots more missed tackles. Cowboys now lead 31-3.
  • Pierre Thomas makes the 295th catch of his career, the franchise's all-time leader for receptions by a running back.
  • Brees starts relying on Graham and Colston heavily to move down the field. Lots of targets for them.
  • Graham turns after making a catch over the middle in Dallas territory, but he fumbles it as he goes to the ground. Cowboys recover. The game is officially over.

4th Quarter

  • The defense actually stops the Cowboys!!! OMG!!!
  • Khiry Robinson starts the drive by busting a huge run down the right sideline for 62 yards.
  • On the next play Brees completes a short pass to Josh Hill who rumbles in for the short 12-yard touchdown. Saints cut the lead to 31-10.
  • Another stop for the Saints defense, forcing a three and out. Probably too little, too late.
  • Travaris Cadet runs out and up to makes a nice 31-yard completion. Then a completion to Cooks. Then back to Cadet. The Saints are moving.
  • Brees hits Graham over the middle, who dives into the endzone for the touchdown. Cowboys are now only up 31-17 and it's a two-possession game. Momentum is beginning to swing.
  • Yet another three and out by the Saints defense, capped off by their first sack of the night.
  • Brees and receivers just can't seem to connect on anything. Saints decide to punt.
  • Saints attempt a fake punt but the Cowboys are waiting for it. Morstead is supposed to pass but nobody is open so he scrambles until he's tackled. Cowboys take over on downs.
  • A 18-yard Dez Bryant touchdown catch seals the fate of the Saints. Cowboys extend their domination 38-17.
  • To add insult to injury, Travaris Cadet fumbles the ball and gives up possession to Dallas.