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Saints vs. Cowboys Final Score: Community Roll Call for Saints 38-17 Beatdown by Dallas

Below are all the stats from our four open threads Sunday night during the Saints 31-17 loss to the Cowboys in AT&T Stadium. Thanks to all who participated.

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Tom Pennington

The Saints got their asses handed to them by the Cowboys in Dallas Sunday night. Here is how our community showed up for the incredibly disappointing 31-17 beatdown to console each other.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,402
Total commenters 76
Commenter list '09, ASaintForever, Adolpho_Brazil, Anthony Q, BRSaintsFan, BayouBruiser, BenDerDonDat, Biddy44, BigCountryLV, Breesus Christ Superstar, Cajun in CA, CajunStrosFan, CanadianNola, Canadiancajun, Chompski, Dang Hu Dat, Drama504, Drew-Dat, Dru504, Drunkamania, Fat Punk Kicker, FrenchieQC, GUMBOINAZ, Gigatron9002, Grumps, Hans Petersen, Isaiahsoma9, JR Ella, Jricky70, Just 'Nother Day, LoachInTheHouse, Meethos, Mr.Charisma, Murph3000, Nola5712, Orgasmatron, PanheadCatahoula, Philinwood, Philistine, Quantifiable Bladderhorns, RobertM320, SaintShark, Saintsfan820, SarahT, Spanish Saint, Stilljreming, TComm, TacoExcellence, Tee Word, Valmo, Vermont Cubs Fan, armsch, babygurlz2012, blazin_sess, cajuncommando58, canu2u, carter96, crescendo2020, cwhite94, eye of the falcon, fshabazz, iiAndyiiii, j0shle0, jlewis8732, johnmc318, maybetoday, metryman, saintslam, sd3, slumD, snapp44, stujo4, the 9th plague, the new Bradfather, whodat70816, xen-cuts
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 crescendo2020 106
2 Jricky70 88
3 j0shle0 77
4 stujo4 77
5 whodat70816 74
6 Murph3000 67
7 babygurlz2012 64
8 Hans Petersen 58
9 JR Ella 52
10 johnmc318 49
11 metryman 46
12 Drunkamania 37
13 Philinwood 33
14 the new Bradfather 31
15 Philistine 30
16 BenDerDonDat 28
17 FrenchieQC 26
18 Just 'Nother Day 25
19 fshabazz 25
20 jlewis8732 24
21 Stilljreming 24
22 cajuncommando58 22
23 snapp44 21
24 saintslam 20
25 sd3 18
26 SaintShark 18
27 Vermont Cubs Fan 17
28 Cajun in CA 16
29 Tee Word 15
30 Fat Punk Kicker 13
31 iiAndyiiii 13
32 Dru504 12
33 canu2u 10
34 Meethos 10
35 Grumps 10
36 Isaiahsoma9 9
37 xen-cuts 8
38 Dang Hu Dat 8
39 Orgasmatron 8
40 Gigatron9002 7
41 Breesus Christ Superstar 7
42 CajunStrosFan 7
43 Spanish Saint 6
44 ASaintForever 6
45 BayouBruiser 6
46 '09 5
47 CanadianNola 5
48 TacoExcellence 5
49 Nola5712 5
51 Anthony Q 4
52 PanheadCatahoula 4
53 RobertM320 3
54 SarahT 3
55 eye of the falcon 3
56 blazin_sess 3
57 Drew-Dat 2
58 Drama504 2
59 carter96 2
60 cwhite94 2
61 TComm 2
62 Adolpho_Brazil 2
63 maybetoday 2
64 Canadiancajun 2
65 Chompski 2
66 Valmo 2
67 LoachInTheHouse 1
68 BigCountryLV 1
69 Quantifiable Bladderhorns 1
70 Biddy44 1
71 BRSaintsFan 1
72 armsch 1
73 slumD 1
74 Saintsfan820 1
75 the 9th plague 1
76 Mr.Charisma 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
10 Quantifiable Bladderhorns Vikings fan here...
6 JR Ella Fire Rob Ryan? y'all.
5 Vermont Cubs Fan ...
5 Jricky70 Just like we were in week 2
4 canu2u I would LOVE to see Payton go full tilt Jim Mora meltdown post game interview.
3 Meethos He got some treasure!
3 snapp44 thats the only winner he picked all day
3 snapp44 thats the pic of the day
3 fshabazz Maybe we need a new Def Coord every season...
2 johnmc318 Right now this team is Hot Garbage
2 Drunkamania [no title]
2 RobertM320 Time for our first defensive TD
2 Meethos Yea....
2 TacoExcellence Never mind paper bags, I'm getting a plastic bag and hopefully it will be quicker and less painful than this season
2 BenDerDonDat [no title]
2 whodat70816 I'd really like to know why this team cannot play on the road?
2 crescendo2020 Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?
2 johnmc318 Almost another one!!!!
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 snapp44 on the bright side we are flying up in the draft order
2 SaintShark Ok. If you can't run down Tony Romo, it's time to quit.
2 Jricky70 WTF is with this crappy playcalling?
2 crescendo2020 100% of the time that pass falls to the ground if it's our defense.
2 JR Ella Dungy picked the Cowboys! We good!
2 Just 'Nother Day Fire somebody.
1 Breesus Christ Superstar Why couldn't Shane graham have died in a car crash
1 JR Ella We're proud of you guys, thank you!
1 JR Ella But but
1 Hans Petersen remember LSU's comeback bid vs MSU???
1 whodat70816 My prediction was they would hold Murray to under 100 yds
1 cajuncommando58 [no title]
1 jlewis8732 the FG we'll kick in 3 plays
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 JR Ella Payton is in cute mode y'all
1 Jricky70 MUST WIN Tonite!
1 Cajun in CA I'm going all out tonight!
1 crescendo2020 Obvious holding on Galette.
1 Cajun in CA I just have a feeling
1 crescendo2020 [no title]
1 JR Ella I know, which is why I didn't delete the comment
1 JR Ella And Ryan pads his INT stats! :-D
1 crescendo2020 Now keep telling them.
1 metryman The Door is opened this wkd, Saints need to kick it in
1 crescendo2020 Give it to your best player, not your damned punter.
1 the new Bradfather as crazy as it sounds
1 jlewis8732 Well I think we overpaid for that guy on defense wearing #31
1 crescendo2020 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand game.
1 Hans Petersen dual accounts, still?
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 crescendo2020 Let's get some trash time points.
1 canu2u Its all Patrick Robinsons fault!
1 johnmc318 For us true Who Dats....
1 babygurlz2012 [no title]
1 BayouBruiser Flash in the pan
1 Fat Punk Kicker I think you might be either mentally challenged or maybe you blow Sean Payton on the weekends. Either way you are fucking delusional
1 Just 'Nother Day THIS is why I would NEVER dress up for a football game.
1 Stilljreming Please don't change!
1 j0shle0 bear in mind
1 j0shle0 Dude must have spent the offseason with Reggie Bush
1 ASaintForever Win the Division
1 Philistine Sean "saw something" again - sigh
1 saintslam 3 man rush and Drew has no time
1 fshabazz Where was THIS defense in the first half?
1 babygurlz2012 [no title]
1 Nola5712 He played basketball.
1 BenDerDonDat [no title]
1 Hans Petersen Trading FGs for TDs is at least a little better than the first half, right?
1 j0shle0 How can a team be this talented
1 crescendo2020 That's why you trust your top five quarterback and not your pile of s*** kicker.
1 metryman saw a Hans Pils at my local HEB
1 saintslam Raiders fire Dennis Allen tonight
1 cajuncommando58 Well I have to go to work now...
1 BayouBruiser This is worse than being a Jaguars' fan
1 BenDerDonDat Would prefer a bye year
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 whodat70816 Glad to hear Dungy is against us
1 Murph3000 You love the pain!!!!
1 babygurlz2012 [no title]
1 Murph3000 The good news about the Saints losing so much...
1 Fat Punk Kicker I hate all of you
1 JR Ella I'm here, he's deleted
1 Just 'Nother Day Ok, so now it's only a three possession game.
1 Jricky70 Don't you feel dirty cheering for the Vikes?
1 Murph3000 least he is out there trying to play.
1 jlewis8732 I need murray to keep his average up...
1 whodat70816 Is that other kicker (Dimke?)still available?
1 crescendo2020 How come our guys never ever do that, ever?
1 Breesus Christ Superstar Blow it up and start over
1 JR Ella No, please stay yourself :-)
1 crescendo2020 Yeah, it's a little late for that.
1 johnmc318 [no title]
1 jlewis8732 staying till the end, but
1 Breesus Christ Superstar Did you see MalcolmJenkins 50 yard pick six today?
1 cajuncommando58 Couldn't pass this one up...
1 iiAndyiiii This one's consensual. The Saints are practically begging for it.
1 Orgasmatron See you next year...
1 crescendo2020 And remember what
1 j0shle0 Go home, you're drunk.
1 Jricky70 Offense can't hit a bull in the ass with a plank
1 Jricky70 5-11
1 whodat70816 I think this defense is worse than 2011
1 johnmc318 6-10
1 Philistine Which of you MOD SCUMs is on diaper pail duty?
1 Philistine This team has given up tonight
1 j0shle0 It's really not
1 Jricky70 Brees and Payton are done Sarah
1 Jricky70 Kicking off first!
1 BenDerDonDat Seahawks are saying...

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