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Saints Sunday Night Football Offensive Grades vs. Cowboys

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After a dismal performance against the Dallas Cowboy, my grades of the offense for your discussion.

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The Saints were shut out in the 1st half of the game. Judging solely by the stats you might think the Saints played a good game. The video results render a different opinion. Balance went out the game early in this one, with 44 pass attempts to 13 rush plays. Pass yards of 340 and rush yards of 104, would mislead you to believe the offense was clicking. Missed opportunities by the offense, had a lot to do with losing this one.

On to the player grades.

Drew Brees: (B-) Drew threw threw 44 times with 32 completions for 2 TDs and 1 INT. Sacked twice for 6 yards earned Brees a net of 334 passing yards. I could give Drew a pass here except for some bad decisions. The 1 INT doesn't reflect the close ones he got away with. The 2 TDs came late when the game was effectively out of range. I did give him the B- though, because he was under duress for much of the game. Especially after Terron Armstead when out with a concussion. Drew Brees also had a run for 6 yards to convert a 1st down.


Marques Colston: (C-) Colston had 5 receptions for 50 yards with a long of 22. The drops are what hurt his grade, but I can understand why he just might be a little nervous out there. The big  guy it seems, is a regular sacrifice for Drew. Getting the ball largely when you just know he is about to get creamed.

Jimmy Graham: (B-) Jimmy was largely a non-factor in the 1st half, but did have 8 receptions for 86 yards with a long of 17. The fumble at the 11 yard line while the game was still in reach was costly.

Kenny Stills: (C) Hard to grade Kenny in this one. He only had 2 receptions for 62 yards with a nice one for 46. He was only targeted twice. Whether this was because he couldn't get open or Drew didn't have time to go through all his reads, he was somewhat of a non-factor in the game. Kenny Stills' 46 yard reception did lead to our 1st points on a 2nd field goal attempt, so there's that working in his favor.

Brandin Cooks: (C) Cooks only had 5 receptions for 31 yard with a long of 12. He did make some critical drive extending 1st downs. Defenses have to respect his ability to break the big one, and it mystifies me why Sean has him running only underneath routes. Get the rookie out in space where his speed can make a real difference. He also had  2 punt returns with a long one of 10 yards. The loss of 3 yards on 1 of his attempts, lowered his average to 7 yards.

Robert Meachem: (F) Nothing from Robert in this one. His only target an INT. I can't even give his blocking much credit as the pressure on Drew was fairly constant.

Running backs:

Pierre Thomas: (D+) The game calling for Pierre Thomas is confusing. He has gone from PT Cruiser to Part Timer! He had one carry before the half to run out the clock, for 8 yards. He only had 1 other carry for no yards. He also had 2 receptions for 15 yards.

Khiry Robinson: (B) The 1 bright spot in the running game was Khiry. He had 8 carries for 87 yards, with a long one of 62. Several times he was blown up in the back field yet still managed to make positive yards and 1st downs.

Travaris Cadet: (B) (D) (C) Cadet has the potential to be great as a receiving back, yet the fumble was costly, in effect ending the nightmare of a game. Maybe we should thank him. He had 6 receptions for 59 yards and the fumble. He rushed once for 1 yard.

The O-line gets a D overall. Costly penalties during drives, as well as struggles in the running game and the many pressures on Drew Brees, hurt the offense last night. Only 2 sacks in the stats book, but it would have been more, except for a couple of unbelievable plays by Drew.

Sean Payton (F) Yeah, he had a lot to do with this debacle. Relax Rob, your time's coming.

No poll this week. This is my first attempt at this so feel free to agree or disagree in the comments. I'll also appreciate any helpful criticisms.