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Fantasy Football Advice 2014: Should You Start Brandin Cooks?

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You drafted Saints rookie wide receiver Brandin Cooks for your fantasy football team. Congratulations! Now what do you do with him?

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Determining who to start on your fantasy football team is always a difficult decision no matter what, but it's wrought with even more peril in Week 1 of the NFL because you've got no recent performance on which to base your decision.

Some players are straight studs year in and year out, so you know they're safe to start. I'm talking about guys like Adrian Peterson and Drew Brees. But others aren't nearly as consistent and with an entire off-season between potential starts, determining their Week 1 value can be risky. Maybe they were good last year but that doesn't mean the same is true this year. All you can do is look back at last season's statistics and hope there's some carryover.

With rookies it's even harder because you aren't even afforded that luxury. You've got no prior season to analyze. It's basically a shot in the dark based on nothing but a hunch. Such is the case for all of you Saints homers out there who drafted Brandin Cooks for your fantasy team.

Personally, I think Cooks is a good draft pickup in the middle or late rounds. So if you've got him on your team and you didn't take him in the fourth round or higher, I applaud you. But now you're probably wondering whether you should start him right out of the gate.

Patience, young grasshopper. My advice would be to hold off on pulling the trigger. This is the Saints offense we're talking about. They spread the ball around more than a monorchid in a brothel. Wait a week or two to see exactly how Cooks will be used. Especially if you're in a PPR league.

Hopefully you've got a couple of other decent receivers on your team so you can afford the luxury of patience. If not, the hell with it. Just put him in there and cross your fingers.

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