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Saints vs. Falcons Preview with The Falcoholic

I am joined by Jeanna Thomas of The Falcoholic to preview the mouth-watering matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints on Sunday at the Georgia Dome. It doesn't get any bigger than this for a season opener and we discuss what each team will need to do to win.

Saints fans hope to see a lot more of this on Sunday.
Saints fans hope to see a lot more of this on Sunday.
Scott Cunningham

On Sunday afternoon, the New Orleans Saints renew their rivalry with domination of the Atlanta Falcons. That was not a typo. As of late, Saints-Falcons has been lopsided: since 2006 and the advent of the Golden Era of Saints football, New Orleans is 13-3 against the Falcons (7-1 at the Mercedes Benz Superdome and 6-2 at the Georgia Dome).

If the Saints were to win on September 7th in Atlanta, the overall series record between the two teams would be 44-47 in favor of the Falcons. For perspective, when Sean Payton took the Saints job, the series record stood at 30-44 Atlanta. At this pace, the last bastion of bragging rights the Falcons have in this "rivalry" might fall in only a couple of years.

The Falcons and their faithful are optimistic however, after a dismal 2013 season marred by injuries to some of their best playmakers. The team seems legitimately poised to rebound in 2014.

Jeanna Thomas, who does great work at The Falcoholic, joins me to tell us how Atlanta is going to right their staggering ship, starting this Sunday at home against the Saints.

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