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Saints Haven't Been Working Their Hardest in 2014

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Apparently it's not poor tackling, a shortage of turnovers, or a non-existent pass rush that's holding the Saints back in 2014. It's just that they haven't been trying their hardest.

I'm pissed off.

Because this morning, while I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone, I caught this headline from the Saints official website:


And you should be pissed off too. Why?

Because the title of this article implies that Saints players haven't been working their hardest these first four games of the season. It implies they've been holding back; that they've got more to give than they've been giving up to this point. In short, it implies they've been half-assing it.

Which begs the question: what the f*** have they been doing if they haven't been working their hardest? What level of effort have they been giving us, the paying fans, up to this point? Maybe if they had been working their hardest from the start, they wouldn't need to "turn the season around."

So yeah, you can understand why I'd be pissed off. Tell me you suck at tackling, you can't create turnovers, your pass rush sucks - anything tangible and football related. But don't tell me you haven't been trying hard enough.

Of course, I can't say I'm surprised to learn this. The Saints we've seen through four games of the 2014 season have been a complete surprise to everyone following the NFL and an utter disappointment to Saints fans everywhere. The Saints we've seen so far look like a team that was reading their own headlines this offseason, that bought into all the Super Bowl hype.

It's been difficult for Saints fans and pundits to pinpoint exactly what's wrong with this team when we know they're capable of so much yet they've shown so little. How can such a talented team with so much promise play so bad? Some have pointed to leadership or chemistry. But a lack of effort makes a lot of sense right now and would pretty much explain it all.

The good news is that if this is true, maybe there is hope that they can turn this season around after all.

So take whatever tired, irrelevant, ancient Japanese "Art of War" bulls*** quote you've all got hanging in your lockers down and put this up instead. It's time to wake the f*** up, pull your collective heads out of your collective asses, and start playing football like the talented, well-coached team we all know you are.