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Saints Milestones for 2014

Fans and players are expecting great things for the Saints in 2014. And along the way, they can reach some individual and team milestones this season

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

This is the 30th season of the Tom Benson era. Perfect time to commemorate that with another Super Bowl win. Just in case some of you didn't realize, the Saints won their first Super Bowl capping off Tom Benson's 25th season of owning the club.

Lucky 13 - If Saints win the Super Bowl this year they will be one of only 13 teams in the NFL to have 2 or more SB wins. Also, their playoff record will move above .500 from 7-9 to 10-9 (or, 11-9 if they're a wildcard or division winner without a bye).

Note: Atlanta is one of 13 teams to NEVER win a Super Bowl. HA!

And keeping in line with Falcons hate week....

Last season the Saints passed the Falcons in all-time wins for a franchise even though Atlanta had a one season head start in 1966.

317-400-5 Saints

316-414-6 Falcons

Since 1985 when Benson rescued the team from the Dark Ages of the Mecom years, the Saints are winners while, of course, the Failclowns are losers.

239-224 Saints (.516)

209-252-2 Falcons (.454)

Also, this week, because the Saints have OWNED the Falcons during the Payton/Brees era with a 13-3 record, Falcons fans have been yapping about having the all-time series lead at 46-43 (47-43 with a playoff victory). But, since Benson took over the team in 1985 things look considerably different.

11-21 Mecom Era (Falcons lead)

32-25 Benson Era (Saints lead)

So, basically, the Falcons cleaned up on the Saints during the period when they had the worst winning percentage in the entire NFL (.311). But, since then, the Saints have the upper hand. And that is despite the nightmare of the Ditka years.

Wait, Falcons fans have the audacity to say that Saints fans are living in the past? Yeah, ok. Keep bragging about that slim 3-4 game lead. Because it's disappearing faster than Arthur Blank's patience with Mike Smith.

DREW BREES - That midget just keeps on rolling

487 completions to move past Dan Marino into 3rd place all-time

452 passing attempts to move past John Elway into 4th place all-time

395 passing yards to move past John Elway and into 4th place all-time

37 passing TDs to be only the 4th QB in NFL history with a least 400 TD passes

9 wins means the Saints would not only have another winning season but Brees will also move past John Unitas and Joe Montana into 7th place in all-time wins by a starting QB.


PT's role in the Saints offense is suppose to change this year with younger RBs Ingram and Robinson getting most of the carries and Thomas being even more involved in the passing game. If so, he can blow his way past a few guys on the all-time Saints list in receiving.

4 receiving Yds to move past Dalton Hilliard for most in a career by a RB

6 receiving TDs to move past Darren Sproles for most in a career by a RB

13 receptions to move past Reggie Bush for most in a career by a RB

18 receptions to become only the 7th Saints player with 300+ receptions

28 receptions to move past Danny Abramowicz into 5th place

65 receptions to move past Lance More into 4th place (most likely 5th place because Jimmy should get there first)

Thomas also needs 642 yards rushing to move past Dalton Hilliard into 3rd place on the all-time Saints rushing list behind Deuce and George Rogers. Not sure if he'll get enough carries to make it this season. Unless Ingram sucks again. Or, is injured. Again.

But, he only needs 3 rushing TDs to move past Tony Galbreath and Chuck Muncie into 3rd place on the all-time list behind Deuce and Dalton Hilliard which seems very likely even with his adjusted role in the offense.


Lil' Jimmah, in only his 5th season with the team, is rising up the all-time Saints receiving list with a bullet.

46 receptions to move past Lance Moore into 4th place

10 receiving TDs to move past Joe Horn into second place behind Marques Colston

1013 receiving Yds to move past Danny Abramowicz into 4th place.

On the all-time NFL list for TEs Graham is currently 60th with 301 receptions. If he has another season like 2011, He can vault past 30 players and crack the elite 400 barrier in receptions this season.


Colston is already #1 in all three receiving categories (Recs, Yds, TDs) in Saints history. This season he can move that much closer to joining the NFL's 700 club of 42 players with at least 700 receptions in their career. At 607, unless he duplicates his rookie season, he won't reach that milestone until next season. But, if he stays healthy, he can knockout most of those catches this season.

CAM and JUNIOR - "Well, they're movin' on up!"

Not to the east side, but these young players are making their way up the list of all-time Saints leaders in Sacks. Both are tied with 21.5 sacks for their Saints career. If each player racks up at least 8.5 sacks this season, they would vault 4 spots and join the ranks of players in Saints history with at least 30 career sacks. Currently, there are only 12 and they would be tied for thirteenth. Okay, so which one will be the first to grab that spot behind Bruce Clark?