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Saints Injury Report Following 37-34 Loss to Falcons

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Aside from the Saints' offense, the injury report may be the lone bright spot against the Falcons.

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Well, other than the regular season loss to the Seahawks last season, this loss to the Falcons was one of the most depressing Saints games that I've watched because they gift wrapped it and cordially handed it over for the taking. But that's another story for another day; let's talk injuries.

New Orleans Saints Inactives
Player Position Injury
Erik Lorig FB Ankle
Kenny Stills WR Quadriceps
Marcus Ball SAF Hamstring

Going into the game they were the most healthy they have been up to date in 2014.  While you certainly don't want to downplay any injuries, none of the pre-game inactives were to be desperately missed.  Stills was listed as "questionable" before being downgraded to "out" just a day before the game and was limited in practice throughout the week, so you have to figure he is at least on track to returning soon.  Lorig and Ball, on the other hand, didn't practice at all and could each be out an extended period of time.

The only apparent in-game injury was cornerback Patrick Robinson, who needed assistance from team trainers two separate times during the game with an undisclosed injury.  I definitely hope he isn't tragically injured and hope he recovers well, but maybe this will open up the door for someone else to come contribute, as he repeatedly has been a liability for this Saints defense.

Keenan Lewis and Curtis Lofton (neck) both missed some playing time but returned to the game.

If the Saints did anything this week it was stay relatively healthy, and that can only help their chances in the long run. Here's to a better performance next week versus the Browns.