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Saints vs. Falcons: NOTHING Has Changed

Wait.... you're crapping over THAT game? Why?

Dilip Vishwanat

The Patriots called. They wished they coulda lost by a FG in overtime instead of getting their ass kicked 33-20 by the Dolphins. New England OWNS the AFC East even more than the Saints own the Falcons and they got stomped.

S*** happens.

And that's all the game between the Saints and Falcons yesterday was to me. Yeah, some folks (a LOT of them actually) wanna read more into it. The sky-is-falling crowd is having an orgy of poop right now.

Look, it's just this simple. A broken clock is right twice a day. The sun sometimes shines on the back of a baboon's ass. And the Falcons were eventually gonna get another win. The Saints were 13-3 during the Payton/Brees era against the Falcons NOT 16-0. Which means that they will lose a game here and there.

So what?

That's the Falcons. They get themselves so fired up to play the Saints and they bring everything including the kitchen sink to every single game. On the other hand, Sean Payton and his team, no matter what they say publicly, aren't really all that concerned about the Falcons because they beat them so much. Yeah, sure, they know they'll get a tough game, but they EXPECT to win. Just like the 49ers of the 80's and 90's did against Jim Mora's Saints.

Hey, wake me when the Falcons do something other than get a split from Payton's Saints every once in a blue moon. They are 4-13 against Drew Brees and 3-12 against Sean Payton. And that's soon to be 4-14 and 3-13 when they come to The Dome. And wake me again when they can do something other than win one playoff game during the last six seasons of Mike Smith and Matt Ryan. But, their fans sure do love to brag about them being a perennial playoff team with five straight winning seasons before last year's debacle. Yeah, okay. That and a bus token will get you a ride thru downtown Atlanta.

It's who they are, folks. And one game doesn't change a thing.

Anyway, for those of you that may have lost your "cockiness and swagger" (read that in a thread last night, geesh!) because of this loss, well, that's on you. Maybe you just weren't that confident in the first place? There is a BIG difference between confident and cocky, ya know.

As for me, (and Tommy V, awesome Saints fan), not a damn thing has changed. The only thing that loss did was deny me the usual helping of LULZ that I get every time the Falcons lose to the Saints. From their players, coaches, owner, and fans. It's quite fun, ya know. But, it did give me another variety of lulz. A very smug form of satisfaction from knowing that Falcons fans have become even more invested in their communal delusion about their team. Only to be smacked back into reality later.

Now, THAT s*** is hilarious.

Okay, I'm done. What? Were you expecting another sermon to get you all fired up again? Why? Oh, please. It was only the Falcons.

Shook Ones: "But, Dawg! You aren't being generous or gracious in defeat!"

Um, what part of "Oh, please. It was only the Falcons" DIDN'T you understand?