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New Year's Day Bowl Games Open Thread

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Come on in and nurse your hangover and hang out with your CSC family during today's college football Bowl Games! Dang and the Mississippi gang probably need some comforting after yesterday's showings.

My precioussss...
My precioussss...
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy CSCers and Happy Thursday. Sorry I missed wishing y'all a Happy Boxing Day last week.

The 2014 Saints season is over and the college football season is winding down. Before we even try to convince ourselves we're interested in mock drafts and the scouting combine (GURK!), let's enjoy some fellowship and gorge on these last legit games featuring college players the Saints are sure to mis-scout and poorly assess. LULZ

Three games are on right now (Cotton, Outback, and Citrus Bowls) and they run on well into tonight with the Rose and Sugar Bowls, as well.

SB Nation Bowl Coverage

Hope to see you here!!