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Saints Director of Personnel Opening: Make Your Case

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You might have heard we lost our Director of Personnel. Here's your chance to make your case for the position.

Quit Laughing, that's the guy I tell you!
Quit Laughing, that's the guy I tell you!
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mickey Loomis needs a new sidekick. That's right Ryan Pace is moving on to the Chicago Bears, so tell us, and the Saints, why you should be considered for the position. Just think. Attend all the games free, get to know each of the Sainsations personally, decide just whose career we can screw up in the next draft, and how can you miss with all the great places to eat and drink in New Orleans.

Here's what we need to know:

[1] List in order, your greatest perceived positions of need for the roster.

[2] Explain how you would fill those needs. Free agency or draft.

[3] Take those magical checkbook skills you have and explain how to pay for said needs.

[4] As the director of personnel, explain just how you would handle the disciplining of the unruly Beard.

[5] Prove to the Saints that with your insider access, you have the strength of character, not to leak every tiny detail to Dave. That's right, lie your you know what off.

Ok seriously, or maybe not it's up to you, in the comments give us your thoughts on the first three. It's time to start talking of what the team needs to do for 2015. What roster moves need to be made, and what we need to look for in the draft.

I'll start off:

Greatest need, Secondary. We need cornerbacks who can cover,  and my first draft prospects post, will list some candidates for the draft. So tell me who you have your eye on and I'll do some research. Yes we can usually expect Mickey to make one or 2 moves in free agency, but we have multiple needs at cornerback. We'll have to try to find something in the draft class. Believe it or not, if our secondary could force QBs to hold onto the ball for longer than 2.nothing seconds, our D-line might actually have a chance to pressure the QB.

List of free agent corners for 2015.

Next we just have to shore up Drew Brees' safety blanket. Guards, centers, and  tackles. We need them. Are  they there in this years draft? The midget needs time and a pocket to step up into. The good news is if we go the FA route here, it's much cheaper than say someone like Ndamukong Suh, or Patrick Peterson. Peterson is not a free agent, but merely an example of costly talent. Suh is a FA, but sure to be expensive. Since I'm a heavy SEC fan, I don't get to watch all the other conferences, so list any draft candidates you like.

2015 NFL Free Agents: Guards

2015 NFL Free Agents: Centers

2015 NFL Free Agents: Offensive Tackles


Where do we start. First we need a play making LBer who can rush as well as cover. We'll probably have to look to the draft here as well. Any quality LBers available in FA are going to be expensive. We can surely hope the Saints pass on any surgically repaired draft prospects this year. Note to Sean and Mickey: Cadaver parts are like retread tires, you get what you pay for.

A true 3-4 DE would be nice also. Know any? Discuss below.

NTs are probably the position of least need except for depth. Discuss below.

Now I know some of you are just itching for the Saints to draft the next Aaron Rodgers, but I'm not convinced you'll find him in this years draft class. Go ahead and tell us who you like if you want. We know you will anyway.

Now to give everyone an idea of what our needs will be in 2015, here's a list of the Saints unsigned free agents:

Mark Ingram and Patrick Robinson are probably the most prominent in terms of need.

Followed closely by Tyrunn Walker, and Pierre Warren. I would fully expect Warren to be resigned based on his late season contributions. I also think highly of Walker.

Travaris Cadet while not a feature back had flashes of good play, and would probably be brought back at a reasonable price.

Parys Haralson: I wasn't impressed by Parys this year.

Luke McCown: I would expect Ryan Griffin to take over the clipboard holder role in 2105.

Shayne Graham: While a serviceable kicker, the team may have already signed his replacement to a reserve/futures contract. Time will tell here.

Robert Meachem: I think it's time to move on with Meach.

Jamarca Sanford: Depth maybe.

Then we have Bryce Harris, solely a backup who we can probably replace in the draft and not miss.

Ramon Humber

Brandon Deaderick

Terrence Federick

Tom Crabtree

Cheta Ozougwu: Just who is this guy anyway.

I also have nothing that comes to mind with the rest on the list:

Adrian Davis

Moise Fokou

Senio Kelmete

Nick Becton

Speak you piece and blow our minds. The job is just waiting for you to grab it. Dazzle us with your knowledge and insights. I'm sure the Saints are waiting anxiously for your resume.