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Rob Ryan's brother Rex heading to Buffalo Bills, not Atlanta Falcons

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Despite having a reported preference for Atlanta when the interview process began, Rex Ryan has decided to accept a contract as the next head coach for the Buffalo Bills.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Over the past week, fans of the NFC South have been looking at the very real possibility of a biannual competition between Buddy Ryan's sons Rob and Rex, as coaches for the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons, respectively.  With Rob Ryan locked in as defensive coordinator for the Saints, for at least another year, having his twin brother as the head coach in Atlanta would have spiced up a rivalry which most of the country hardly seems to notice.

Plus, the Falcons would finally have someone at the podium who is more interesting and likeable than anyone they have been putting in front of the camera in recent years.

After Rex's visit with the Falcons, things were looking good for the pairing.  Many around the NFL began to expect him to land as the next head coach for the Falcons.

Atlanta made sense, as Rex would be just two hours away from his son, who has had a rough start to his college football career at Clemson.  And his house in Tennessee would be only four hours away.  So the Falcons certainly seemed to be in a better position to nab him.  But did the Falcons think they could just keep him on the back burner while they weighed their options?

Likely reading the same writing on the wall as everyone else who expected the slimmer Ryan twin to head to Atlanta, and possibly still reeling from their unexpected loss of head coach Dough Marrone, the Buffalo Bills decided to swoop in and nab Rex from the clutches of probable success in the NFC South.

The Falcons might have found success with Rex, and certainly would have been a slightly more likable organization.  But they didn't make a play, and missed their chance.  Over the next few years, fans will get to decide whether the Bills were too desperate or whether Atlanta's front office missed an opportunity by sitting on their hands.

So why did he do it?

How do you feel about Rob Ryan's brother heading to Buffalo, and not Atlanta?

Personally, I'm still torn on whether or not I would want Rex Ryan in Atlanta.  I like both of Buddy Ryan's sons, and I find it difficult to like any members of the Falcons organization.  Plus, I wouldn't want them to have any success with a good coach who seems to just need the kind of decent quarterback the Falcons could provide him.  But I admit that our rivalry with the Falcons would have been a little more interesting, and likely would have garnered much more national attention as one of the better rivalries in the league.