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Saints Fire Director of College Scouting Rick Reiprish

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Reiprish had been with the Saints since 2004 and this move may indicate that the Saints have decided to hire former Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland for the position.

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Looks like Reiprish, who was in Mobile for the Senior Bowl today with G.M. Mickey Loomis, didn't even know this was coming. Here's the scoop from

There was a report early Tuesday that the Saints hired former Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland to a college scouting job, but Ireland later said that he has only spoken to the Saints about a job and not agreed on a contract to join the organization.

Rick Reiprish was in that job until Tuesday, but he's told several reporters that Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis fired him around noon. Reiprish is in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, so it makes sense that he said the news came as a surprise to him even after the Saints promised changes after their disappointing season. Reiprish told Lyons Yellin of WWL-TV that he has no "hard feelings" toward the organization that he's worked for since 2004 as a result of the move.

He also said that the first he'd heard of Ireland possibly joining the club came when he spoke to his wife after being fired, but the timing of the move certainly points to Ireland's discussions progressing to a deal that puts him in the Saints personnel department sooner rather than later.

Fired him around noon? There was a tweet earlier that said Loomis and Reiprish abruptly left right after Senior Bowl player weigh-ins so they could avoid the media. Were they waiting to find out if Ireland wanted the job before giving Reiprish the ax? Why take him to Mobile if they were going to fire him? Looks like they made that decision while on location. Maybe they didn't care for his college scouting at the Senior Bowl and felt they could get someone better? Considering some of the Saints' poor draft picks in recent years, most fans will probably be happy with this change of personnel. Let's hope it helps later this year.