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Mel Kiper Regrades 2014 NFL Draft

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The Saints were graded fairly low to begin with, but after an injury to first-round pick Brandin Cooks and little-to-no production from the rest of the rookies, Kiper has dropped the Saints grade even further.

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Mel Kiper has gone back to regrade every team's performance in the 2014 NFL Draft. For those of you who don't have access to Insider, here's what he said about the Saints:

Post-draft grade: C+

Summary: Before his season was cut short due to an injury, receiver Brandin Cooks had 53 catches for 550 yards. And given the way he was getting on the same page with Drew Brees -- which included more deeper throws to take advantage of Cooks' exceptional speed -- I'd argue Cooks had a chance to have more receptions than any player from this class not named Odell Beckham Jr. by the end of the season. And he might not have been far off ODB's 91 had he stayed healthy this season. Cooks looks more like a slot guy than a matchup headache over the top, but he can really do it all, and fully healthy I'd expect him to have a big season in 2015. It's worth devoting the extra time to him, of course, because there's not much else to talk about from this class so far. The Saints weren't packed with needs, so you didn't expect a ton, but it's really wait and see all over the place beyond Cooks.

I thought second-rounder cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste was a reach in Round 2 -- a developmental player -- and that's the track he's on. He didn't really play. Linebacker Khairi Fortt is already on his third team, and I also thought safety Vinnie Sunseri went a bit early. Maybe a healthy Ronald Powell turns into something at linebacker. Cooks should be good, but there's not much to speak of so far after that.

New grade: C

Understandably, Kiper has dropped the Saints grade from a C+ to a C, and that could even be considered generous. After Cooks, the Saints draft class looks like it could be a complete bust. Jean-Baptiste couldn't get on the field and was a healthy scratch most weeks despite a paper-thin Saints secondary that was desperate for any quality snaps. If the Saints staff saw much potential in the corner, he probably would've been given more of a chance, but instead he looks to be buried in the Saints roster without much hope of production for him. He's a huge project that will need to quickly develop to make any bit of a contribution in the near future.

Sunseri has some potential to be a solid special teams player in the future -which isn't bad for a fifth round pick - but shouldn't make much of an impact outside of that.

Like Kiper stated, Ronald Powell looks to be the only chance of gaining any good recognition in the group outside of Cooks. Like Sunseri, he's nothing more than a special teams piece right now, but I do believe he has some upside, and there's plenty of opportunity for playing time at linebacker in the future.

All in all, in a draft that didn't show much promise from the start due to a lower draft choice and a missing third round pick, the Saints still managed to disappoint mainly due to a second round pick that couldn't get on the field and a fourth round pick that couldn't make the roster. With a higher draft choice this season, the Saints will need much better selections this spring to fill out a roster that looks to be in turmoil this offseason.