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Jimmy Graham Not Allowed to Take Drew Brees Flying

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Below is the video of an interview of Jimmy Graham by Mike Florio.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In it Jimmy discusses his shoulder and the lack of any planned surgery. Rest and rehab is the plan. He also discusses his love of flying. Jimmy Graham said he usually flies everyday in the offseason. Discusses the rules on his flying as per the teams concerns. He specifically states that one of the main rules is he doesn't take Drew Brees up. Humorously says that theSaints feels that it's just "too much in one plane."

He also discusses the 2014 season. Jimmy points to not being involved at training camp as one of the things that affected him in 2014, and how he had to rehab all through the season to be ready for each game. He also plugs the new Degree antiperspirant he uses. Have to cover those commercial dollars after-all. All in all a entertaining video I think you will enjoy.